Thursday, May 29, 2014

THE CONJURING (2013, USA) dir: James Wan

I watched THE CONJURING the other night. It's yet another horror movie about demon possession but since I rarely watch new stuff when it comes out I still haven't become bored with the demon/devil possession flicks; I think this is only the second of the new wave of possession films I've actually watched. LOL. And besides, I think this film is really good. It's well played and it's based on a real story (which always adds tension to these films, something that goes back all the way to THE EXORCIST).

When the film ran in Danish cinemas it was retitled "Nattens Dæmoner" (i.e. Demons of the Night) which may be a generic title but I wish more distributors would use Danish titles. 99% of the Danes wouldn't know what conjuring means. Needless to say, the dvd label reverted the title back to English when they put out the DVD. :/


  1. Me and the missus loved The Conjuring. Very stylish and even scary.

  2. Hi Cees! Yeah, I quite liked it, too!! I hear there's a sequel now and I've heard from one person that it's good. But who knows. Thanks for your comment, mate.


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