Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An unnecessary list of film purchases in April

Homicidal Maniac (hk vcd)
Shrunken Heads (hk vcd)
Curse of the Zombi (hk vcd) - this is one I've wanted for yrs and yrs ever since I first read about it in the Asian Trash Cinema book!!!
Devil Medusa (hk vcd)
Awakening (hk dvd) - Simon Yam and Anthony Wong in the same movie! How can this go wong... wrong.
Hired Guns (dvd from China)- rare Phillip Ko flick from '81.
Hero Shed No Tears (dvd from China) - the eBay seller page promised this would be a 93 min. version. Yeah right. You live and learn!!
Fu Bo (hk dvd) - horror flick starring Eric Tsang & Anthony Wong! How could it go wong (you're getting sick of this already, aye!).
Painted Skin (taiwan dvd) - horror flick starring Joey Wong.
Nang Nak (hk dvd) - thai horror.
Flesh And Bloody Terror aka The Beasts (hk dvd)
Blue Jean Monster (hk dvd)
Devil's Three (swedish ex-rental) - from the Philippines, sequel to Cleopatra Wong.
Island Warriors (swedish ex-rental) - wild hk weirdness. Finally! Difficult to find and usually retails at a much higher price than I can afford at eBay.
Aakrosh (uk vhs) - Bollywood gangster movie. Three hours without subtitles, LOL.
Vigilante 2 aka The Citizen Rebels/Street Law (uk betamax!!) - Franco Nero!
Penitentiary 2 (uk betamax)
Warbus (uk betamax) - starring Ron kristoff.
Demon Seed (uk betamax)
Return of the Evil Dead aka Return of the Blind Dead (uk betamax) - yes it's cut by the bbfc but the cover is great!
Fear No Evil (uk betamax)
Silk 2 (uk vhs) - Cirio H. Santiago's sequel to his own Silk. From the Philippines. Not on dvd.

I need longer days with more hours!!!

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  1. Prepare yourself:
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    These effects together make the day about 14 minutes longer than the night at the equator, and longer still at sites toward the poles.'

    And don't forget that:
    'A folk tale claims that only on the March equinox day (some may add the September equinox day or may explicitly not), one can balance an egg on its point. However one can balance an egg on its point any day of the year if one has the patience.'