Thursday, July 16, 2009

AWE Con 2007

More crappy photos from my cell phone! This time from ANOTHER WORLD ENTERTAINMENT's first convention that was held back in 2007. I managed to get only these three shots of MADS JENSEN, NILS MARKVARDSEN, and myself. But if nothing else they contain a mystical, foggy quality that almost makes them otherworldly.

And also, all three photos show someone who at some stage wrote booklets for AWE releases. Obviously, Mads and Nils are the booklet writers extraordinaire. Me, I'm... well... I remember Mr. AWE himself, JAN SCHMIDT, once said to me: "Jack, you know, if you get a real job they'll expect you to hand in your stuff on time".

So what if I'm a li'l slow at getting thangs done, that's just SEXY!!! Hahaha. Oh well, here's the pix:

Nils Markvardsen

Mads Jensen

Jack J

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  1. Never been to a AWE convention, but I was at a Cannibal Holocaust and The Beyond screening that AWE held here in Norway. Good evening!