Thursday, July 16, 2009

Profile in Anger trailer (1984)

Aka Wu Ming Huo / Fight Spirit of Hero.

While checking out trailers on FLK's YouTube channel I discovered this seemingly exciting film. The reviewers on HKMDb (all three of them) all dis the movie as being boring or confused but on FlashLeg's site they describe it as the most violent kung fu movie ever made! How could that be boring, LOL. Anyway, check out this trailer.

PS: I would just like to bring a big round of applause to everyone who's linking to any of my blogs or who's following them, the newest ones being Ninja Dixon and Poppu Kohlberg. Thanks mates, it's all very appreciated! :D


  1. Ya, this this 'planet Nederland' hahaha, well, as long as you're coming with funny stuff...btw. do you have anything on Silk ?


  2. Haha, yeah, well. You know, Bert, it's actually interesting how much we're alike. Denmark is almost a carbon copy of Holland (or the other way round). The only thing that really sets us apart is the language.

    SILK: No sorry. I have the film on VHS but other than that I have nothing. I can't even find a trailer on Youtube. One thing I do have tho is the sequel, SILK 2.

  3. Thanks for the link! :)

    Wow, this movie looks, as we say in Sweden, "klockren"! Is it out on DVD? I have to own it fast as hell!

  4. It DOES look great!!

    Yes, it's out on DVD, actually there are no less than 2 different DVDs listed on HKFLIX and it's recently been released by JoySales on VCD. HOWEVER, on FLK they make a point of saying they have an UNCUT print so maybe those other ones are cut. I shall certainly try and find out more!

    The film on HKFLIX:

    And on FLK: