Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wolf Devil Woman trailer!!!

If you've never watched WOLF DEVIL WOMAN you MUST check out this trailer for this AWSOME movie. It's Hong Kong cinema at its most wild and crazy! (and it's not even from HK but Taiwan, LOL).

And no need to ask where you can get a DVD; WOLF DEVIL WOMAN has never been granted an official DVD release. There's a VCD and VHS from Ocean Shores + various other VHS releases, both dubbed into English (actually it's been dubbed into English twice!) and in Mandarin with English subs.

And congrats to Patrick who finally secured a copy yesterday.


  1. WOLF DEVIL WOMAN is a thing of wonder. I may steal this trailer for a WWC post but I'll give you full credit for finding it. Great stuff!

  2. Thank you Jack. I'm very pleased!

    I saw yet another one on ebay yesterday for $150!

  3. That's fine, Jared. As I always say these films need more exposure so you won't find any reluctance to share this stuff with THIS reviewer! :-)

    You're welcome, Patrick. That copy could very well be the same as on Amazon. I've noticed Amazon sellers often go on eBay as well.

  4. I thought so. Both sellers have poor feedback as well.