Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ohh, Yukari!!

Someone in Japan uploaded a bunch of cool Yukari Oshima clips to YouTube! The clips are from a Japanese TV show Yukari did in 1994; A film crew would follow her around to the sets of her films and in some of the programs she interviewed people (also on film sets she wasn't in). This first segment is interesting not least to Filipino film fans as it's from a Filipino movie set (I have no idea which movie it is).

And here's Oshima with Sammo Hung on the set of DON'T GIVE A DAMN:

On the set of FIST OF LEGEND with Jet Li:

And check the Osh doing hard work on this film set in Mainland China (again, no info on which film it is):

And finally a pretty boring segment but she's just so damn cute. xD.


  1. Hot damn! You're absolutely right. She's very cute. I love her reaction from 1:23 onwards during the Sammo Hung-interview. It looks like she withdraws into her shell... only to reappear looking slightly surprised upon seeing the camera.

  2. The third video titled Yukari in China belongs to the shooting of DRUG FIGHTERS, a movie she starred along Yuen Wah.
    If I were wrong, there is another possibility and the video belongs to she filming of Leopard fist another movie she did with yuen wah. both films are very similar & the 2 were shot in Mainland China.

  3. You're absolutely right, Zoink.

    Thanks, JM! I haven't seen either of those two films but hopefully I'll get hold of them at some stage.

    Unfortunately, cool HK films isn't what the video companies spend most of their time re-releasing these days. So many of these films have become mega rare even tho they were only made in the 80s. :-(

  4. I have both of them on VCD, they were released by Universe video mooooouuuuuhhaaaaaaaa!!!!....but they are not good movies, I mean not good movies if you compare to other similar Oshima's works.

  5. Yes, I confirm now, the video titled Yukari in China belongs to DRUG FIGHTERS.

    The one with Jet Li was shot during the filming of FIST OF LEGEND ( we can even see briefly Billy Chow dressed as the japanese general)

    The other two I can't locate them...by now! but I think the first one could be for the shooting of GUARDIAN ANGEL but I can't assure it.

  6. You''ve got them both? Very cool. And thanks for the info on the titles.

    The Jet Li title is actually mentioned in my post, LOL. And the Sammo Hung film is DON'T GIVE A DAMN.

  7. Ehh, Jesus Manuel, I've just tried to find out about GUARDIAN ANGEL and it appears it's actually TWO Filipino films that are spliced together (that's what one online source claims anyway). Do you know about this? And if yes, which two movies are the original ones?

  8. oh, Guardian Angel...this movie " directed" by Philip Ko is, as you say, two movies into one...but it is no two filipino movies but the first part belongs to a taiwanese movie starred by Yukari & Alexander Lo Rei, then move to a Filipino production.
    I have here in Spain a copy for Andrew, but as you know, my family (and economic) situation hasn't allow me to post all the stuff yet... I could make a copy for you too.

  9. That would be great. And I'd love those two VCDs too!!! xD.

    Your situation: No worries! Whenever you get the time that's fine.

    And about the money: Needless to say I would gladly PAY you for these DVDR's. Please let me!! I don't expect you to strain your financial situation any further than it already is. We can work something out when I get my pay (dole money, LOL) in a few days.

  10. No no no...I can't accept any money for those discs. NO WAY.
    I don't Drugs fighters & Leopard Hunting here in Spain. I have them in the Philippines...sorry. But count on Guardian Angel.
    The situation is not so good, I can live but I don't have for everything I would like to do. ( now I am paying back the money I loaned from my friend to get those IFD titles from Global!)..& I want to send some to Nick...I know how the hospitals work in the Philippines & as he said it is really a hell...that's why I brought my wife to Spain to deliver our second baby. here it is more expensive but at least is safer & cleaner.