Tuesday, January 18, 2022

JOHN WATERS on Emerald tv (1977)


Yesterday, I posted a cool episode of the Joan Quinn tv show that had John Waters on it in 1997. And here's an even more fun show that John did for a local tv station. This one is right out gay (check the ads!) and great fun. Oh, and it's from 1977! Most of the John Waters shows/interviews on youtube are from way later. And it's cool to see a younger version on Waters. The interviewer is enthusiastic, the questions are good, and he isn't kissing up to John, which sometimes happens in later interviews and which irritates me.
A sad bit of info from the comments section to the video:
"This show is introduced by handsome Frank O'Dowd, who sadly died of AIDS in 1988. Vito Russo, who interviews John Waters, died of AIDS in 1990." - DentalTech1000

Monday, January 17, 2022

JOHN WATERS and MINK STOLE on "The Joan Quinn Profiles" show (1997 + 2000)


 There's a ton of John Waters interviews to get lost in out there, and needless to say they're all great (at least if you're a fan - and quite frankly: I am), but then once in a while you stumble over one interview which is somewhat different. And this is one of them! 

I don't live in LA (or the US for that matter) so I'm really not familiar with Joan Quinn but from online info she has apparently been presenting a local (local in LA that is) tv show for the past 30 years. On her show she usually talks to two "celebs" (although I've never heard of 98 % of them) for half an hour. She's been doing this since the early 90s and according to IMDb she still does the show!  

I assume she liked John a lot cos as a rare occurrence she dedicated the full show to him. Three years later she also spoke to Mink Stole, which I'll also include in this post. Hardly anybody has seen these two interviews (on YouTube anyway) which is rather odd. 

Friday, January 14, 2022

MUTINEY! The Last Birthday Party (Heiner Mühlenbrock, West Germany, 1983)

I've been a fan of Nick Cave's old band THE BIRTHDAY PARTY for almost longer than I can remember, but it wasn't till this afternoon that I came across this documentary film about the recording of their last record, the EP "Mutiny" from 83. But cool that you can still be able to find "new" stuff you haven't seen before. 

The doc runs around 25 minutes and there's no narration in the film. Just the band (and Blixa Bargeld) recording. 

Dangerous Minds wrote about the film already back in 2017. Go here

PS: Yes, it's been at least a year and a half since my last post. Is anybody actually out there reading?

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Saturday, June 6, 2020

DAUGHTERS OF SATAN (USA/Philippines, 1972)

(USA/Philippines, 1972)
Director: Hollingsworth Morse

I've seen a lot of Filipino flicks but I must admit never to have come across DAUGHTERS OF SATAN before. Made as a US/Filipino coproduction in 1972 and directed by some guy called Hollingsworth Morse. The name did not ring a bell with this reviewer! A quick gander at IMDb makes me think this is probably his most interesting work. He made episodes in various TV series but nothing that stands out I'm sorry to say. I reckon this is his only horror film. 

An American businessman (played by Tom Selleck!) living with his American wife in the Philippines buys a painting from a mysterious antique dealer (played by Vic Diaz of course). The painting is 300 years old and shows three witches being burned alive. Charming picture to hang next to the dinner table! One of the witches looks exactly like his wife. The wife isn't too pleased with the purchase. She suffers from mental problems so having to look at herself being torched at the stake every day probably isn't her idea of cool interior decoration.

At some point while the husband is at work she encounters an evil dog, and an evil housekeeper turns up at her doorstep. Later there's another witch, more evil evildoers engaging in evil practices, and women getting flogged and hung over deadly iron spikes. 

DAUGHERS OF SATAN is odd and maybe it doesn't make too much sense but, hey, when was that a problem in horror movies!? I think the film is wonderfully odd and I much disagree with Ian Jane's 17 year old review from DVDManiacs (also copied by Andrew Leavold on his blog). He didn't think it was all that entertaining. Personally, I didn't look at the clock one single time throughout the film.
Ian Jane reviewed a UK DVD release in 2003 but I got the new (from 2018) blu-ray released by SHOUT! FACTORY. It doesn't mention if this release is sourced from a film negative or a 35mm print but it looks fabulous in any case. In contradiction to the DVD this release is in 1.85:1 widescreen. There's hardly any extras, a trailer and some still photos. The disc is subtitled in English. 

Final word: Highly recommended! (and I'd advise you get it sooner rather than later. These things have a tendency to go out of print fairly quickly these days). 

Apparently, the film played at US cinemas on a double bill with another US/Filipino production, SUPERBEAST. The trailer is for this double bill and SHOUT! have released both films on blu-ray (I own a terrible shit looking, censored bootleg DVD from ZDD. Needless to say, I have ordered the new blu-ray of SUPERBEAST but I reckon it's most likely stuck somewhere in traffic as so much stuff seems to be during these weird times we live in).



Wednesday, June 3, 2020

ABEL FERRARA - podcast

ABEL FERRARA - podcast (Filmwax Radio episode #453, 29:30 min, 21. May 2018)

Abel Ferrara is the guest on this episode of the Filmwax Radio podcast. It was uploaded two years ago and only has 22 hits! I don't know if this means that people don't listen to podcasts, or if they don't care about Abel Ferrara, or they just haven't discovered this episode yet. Give it a spin if you like Abel. I think it's a cool episode. They talk about his interest in documentary films and living in Italy.

Friday, May 29, 2020

RED SPELL SPELLS RED (wild HK horror flick, 1983) - full film

Thanks to 劉天賦 for making me aware of the YouTube upload.

Check credits and info about the film in this post.

Poster (Thailand)

Monday, May 25, 2020

BEHIND ENEMY LINES - on blu-ray from Scorpion soon

Check this out! BEHIND ENEMY LINES (Gideon Amir, 1986) (retitled P.O.W. THE ESCAPE and also aka ATTACK FORCE 'NAM) is coming out on bluray from Scorpion Releasing.

No release date yet nor any info about the release.

David Carradine is in it and so are a bunch of stalwart Filipino ex-pat actors: Ken Metcalfe, Jim Gaines, Eric Hahn, Henry Strzalkowski are in it. xD

PS: Not to be confused by the film KILLER INSTINCT that Cirio H. Santiago also made in the Philippines around the same time (1987). Roger Corman retitled it BEHIND ENEMY LINES for its US release. 

Trailer (widescreen + 1080p!)

Saturday, May 23, 2020

JUNGLE HEAT aka LAST BREATH - trailer for rare Thai edit

LAST BREATH (Lee Ho/Jobic Wong, Taiwan, 1985) aka JUNGLE HEAT

There are four different edits of LAST BREATH: 

1. The original Taiwan version (also released in HK - released on HK VHS and US Chinatown VHS)
2. The international version entitled JUNGLE HEAT (alternative footage - released on various uncut VHS tapes, the best one being the Japanese VHS: uncut + letterboxed. The German and UK dvd's are cut!!!)
3. A censored version for Mainland China (cut for violence but includes some alternative footage - released on VCD)
4. A version made for Thailand - which has extra footage with Thai actor Sorapong Chatree (I'm going by the trailer and the Thai film poster here as the film itself hasn't been released to home video afaik).

I'm told a 16mm copy of the Thai version is stored in the Thai film archive. Hopefully, somebody will release it to blu-ray or streaming at some point.

Sunday, May 17, 2020


HK blu-ray (comes with slipcase)

I love British crown colony era HK cinema, but I must admit I don't know anything about HK cinema post the Chinese takeover. I've just watched this new (2018) HK flick, HUSBAND KILLERS (directed by Fire Lee Ka-Wing), and, well, it was kinda like a burger to a meal. Tastes good, but not much substance. It was like a fun cartoon, but no depth what so ever. But, hey, I love a good burger! Just don't eat them all the time. lol. The film was fun, violent (think cartoon violence), sexy and entertaining. And towards the end it did play around with film conventions in an unusual way so that was cool.

Released on HK blu-ray (the film is subbed in English, the bonus features are also subbed – in Chinese!). Available at HK$ 65 from dddhouse.


Flipside of blu-ray slipcase