Monday, April 26, 2010

Flesh & Blood... Compendium!

Niiice!!! I received a never used copy of Harvey Fenton's legendary book Flesh & Blood Compendium today! The book is a huge compendium of the best stuff from the first ten issues of Fenton's film fanzine/magazine of the same title. This is indeed brilliant as the book as been out of print for quite a while and go for steep prices. Big thank-yous go out to Henschjell of for letting me have it for what I'd reckon is peanuts compared to what it often goes for on eBay. If you can find it on eBay that is! I did a 30 sec. check and all I found was issue #5 of the magazine and the "buy now" price was more than what Henschjell wanted! Just brilliant! :D

From FAB Press' site (which Harvey Fenton runs):
The Cult Magazine that Boldly Strode into the Dark Heart of the Exploitation Film Jungle!

Over the course of ten seminal issues in magazine format and a hugely successful book format edition, Flesh & Blood became established as the leading brand name in cutting-edge film criticism during the latter years of the Twentieth Century. Always one step ahead of the rest, Flesh & Blood featured the world's best writers reporting on the most important sex, horror and exploitation cinema in the world. Flesh & Blood Compendium is simply The Best of The Best.

Ground-Breaking Articles on eye-opening subjects including: Prosthetic Sex Films, RealiTV and Death Film, Pier Paolo Pasolini and the Marquis de Sade, Jack the Ripper, Postmodern Slasher Movies, British Trash Films from the 70s, Charles Manson, Rape/Revenge movies, African Witchdoctors, French vampires, Japanese Ultra Violence and Belgian artcore...

Interviews with cinematic legends including: Russ Meyer, Joe D'Amato, Jess Franco, Tinto Brass, Bigas Luna, Marco Ferreri, Fred Williamson, Coffin Joe, Peter Jackson, Gerard Damiano, Freddie Francis and many more!

All this topped off by a never-ending reviews section covering films that can't be read about anywhere else, and all delivered with the Flesh & Blood guarantee of top-quality, enthusiastic, accessible and intelligent critical writing.
# Pre-Postmodern Slasher Seeks Ironic Teen for 'Meaningful' Termination
# The Eye In The Portal of Hell - Coffin Joe interview
# Frustration
# Jacking Off the Censor
# Jack The Ripper on video
# Marketing of the Contemporary British Horror Film
# Thanks for the Mammaries - Russ Meyer interview
# Deadlier than the Male
# Pasolini, Salò, Sade
# The Vulgar World of Tinto Brass
# Dissecting the Human Condition - Nacho Cerdá interview
# Necrophilic Art
# Cerdá on Love, Death and Life - Genesis set report
# The British Trash Files
# Dust Devil, Tarkovsky and God - Richard Stanley interview
# The Devil in Mr. Damiano
# The Devil Made Her Do It!
# The Operation
# Gina Velour - pictorial
# don't make God the villain - Scooter McCrae interview
# Freddie Francis interview
# of vampires and the gods of Greece - Harry Kümel interview
# I Know You're Watching Me
# Cafe Flesh 2
# Beyond Ultra Violence
# Marco Ferreri
# The Early Years - Peter Jackson interview
# Mario Bava's Bleak World View - The Nihilism of Rabid Dogs
# The Making of Exposé
# Prosthetic Sex
# The Final Girl in Folktale and Horror Film
# The Erotic Obsessions of Bigas Luna
# A Different Point of View - Jess Franco interview
# Coming to a Fork in the Road - Frank LaLoggia interview
# Flesh & Blood - The First Ten Years
# Fantasy, Reality and Bodily Fluids - Behind the Green Door
# They Sucked His Brains Out!
# William Burroughs
# Charlie's Family - Jim Van Bebber interview
# Dead Men Don't Rape
# Gangstas, Grier & Golf - Fred Williamson interview
# A Legacy of Terror - Norman J. Warren interview
# More Blood!
# Michael Ninn's Sex and Beyond
# Postcard From Colonel Kurtz - RealiTV and the Death Film
# Michele Soavi interview
# The Films of Alain Robbe-Grillet
# Joe D'Amato Talks Dirty
# Flesh & Blood Film Reviews