Friday, May 28, 2010

TIGER CAGE trilogy on remastered DVD in June

Brilliant!! I've just learnt that Fortune Star/Joy Sales are going to release TIGER CAGE (Jacky Cheung, Simon Yam, Donnie Yen, 1988), TIGER CAGE 2 (Cynthia Khan, Donnie Yen, Rosamund Kwan, Lo Lieh, 1990), and TIGER CAGE 3 (Michael Wong,1991) on DVD in June! And they're even going to be remastered editions!!! Awesome!! The only film in the series that I've got is #2 on a DVD from mainland China and, well, having that Chinese DVD is better that not having a DVD if you catch my drift.

But this is certainly great news. Now, if FS could please include the alternative ending for #2 that would be juuust spiffy!

About the alternative ending (from Asian Dvd Guide) [contains spoilers!]:
Tiger Cage 2
An alternate "censorship" ending was shot for certain restrictive markets so that it is now cop Cynthia Khan who delivers the fatal shot and not Rosamund Kwan - who in the original HK print bashes Robin Shou's gangster's head in - removing the notion of unacceptable vigilante justice. Additionally a coda was included on export prints. The now OOP WA DVD, as expected, features the Hong Kong take on this sequence.

According to the info at DDDHOUSE the DVDs will contain the Canto and Mandarin audio but not the English dubs. Personally I couldn't care less for the English track but I'm sure some of you out there would want it. A little while ago I stumbled over this rare Taiwan VCD of TIGER CAGE 3 which actually contains the English dubbed version. Acording to the seller it's very rare and it did indeed go for a very high price (I don't remember how much).

And finally, TIGER CAGE on VHS:

Bruce is a many splendoured thing - part 4: THE TRAILER!

Boo-hoo, I didn't get KILL THE BASTARDS... and there's a reason!

COS IT WENT FOR BLOODY 122.50 dollars!!! Fucking hell!!!

"Kill the Bastards" is most likely a title spawned by Miltos of Cinehound forum. The film's Turkish title is CAPKINIM HOVARDAYIM and it's directed by none other than Cetin Inanc! Yes, thee Cetin Inanc who also directed TURKISH STAR WARS, DEATH WARRIOR, TURKISH RAMBO, TURKISH ROCKY, TURKISH JAWS, and tons more.

Miltos had the Turkish VHS release of CAPKINIM HOVARDAYIM up for auction, I placed a fair amount on it but, uhh, after 12 bids it reached 122.50 bucks! Congrats to whoever won it. Sadly not me. :-(

(PS: whoever you are please send me a dvdr. xD.)