Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toooo much stuff!!!

My gawd! I've been tidying up all day, all those video tapes, dvds, vcds, cds, books, clothes, loo paper rolls, argh!!! Has anybody else got PILES of stuff in their house/apartment??? I mean STACKS of stuff! Tunnels of stuff! A family of midgets could live at my place and I wouldn't know it. Sometimes in the night I'll be lying in my bed and listen to something slowly skidding down from somewhere in the dark or falling over (killing the villagers who live at the foot of one of the vhs mountains). I got two new bookcases recently but it's no way nearly enough to stock it all. I NEED MORE BOOKCASES!! I'm sure someone (weird, strange people from odd countries) would suggest I'd get rid of some of it all but they're probably not collectors. LOL.

Copenhagen Call-Girls soundtrack!!

Thanks to a nice uploader here's some more clips from the psychotronic movie VILLA VENNELY (aka Copenhagen Call-Girls) from Denmark, 1964. The movie is available from Something Weird Video. The info on their page says it's an English subbed version taken from a 35mm print. My own copy is the Danish VHS. There's no official DVD release and there probably won't be one either. :-(