Monday, November 29, 2010

Very exciting new Scandinavian DVD releases!!!

Njuta Films in Sweden have announced they're releasing Sergio Martino's post-apocalypse HANDS OF STEEL (aka Queruak) and Umberto Lenzi's IRONMASTER on DVD within the next 6 months! Very exceiting news there! Neither of the two have been released on DVD before*.

The announcement comes from Njuta Films' own homepage so there's no speculation on my part. However, I will speculate in their also being release by Njuta Films' sister label in Denmark/Norway, Another World Entertainment. Also, Njuta Films are also releaseing Bruno Mattei's SS GIRLS, Sergio Martino's 2019: AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK, and Joe D'Amato's PORNO HOLOCAUST. I'm confident we'll see them all from AWE also. Check more upcoming titles from Njuta Films here (Release inom ett halvår = Upcoming releases within the next 6 months).

*I really do not count reg. 1 public domain bootlegs sourced from video tapes as "releases"! .\_/.

Four of the five films on Danish VHS:

The VHS scans are courtesy of Diabolik.

That thar lovable diabolical KILINK guy!

Here's a fun scene from KILINK: STRIP AND KILL. Kilink was a diabolical bad guy who did what diabolical bad guys usually do: Evil deeds and other bad things. LOL. I must admit I quite like these old films and the cool thing about Kilink is that altho he is bad (like in eeevil baaaad) he was never too bad to not truly love his girlfriend. I guess it's a Turkish thing, his girlfriend was his girlfriend fullstop. However, that didn't mean he couldn't fool around like in this scene (in which, after he's fooled around, he has no further use for the girl and thus chucks her out of the window, haha). The film is on official DVD from Onar.

PS: The English title on the YT video is obviously wrong; it's Kilink, not "Klink".

More fun from our friends in Finland

When I stumbled over this video (posted on ebay actually) at first I thought it was some weirdo guy in some hell hole in Eastern Europe and that he was gonna present some verboten true-life "torture porn" snuff film. He does kinda give that impression, haha (and dude if you ever read this lemme apologise right away, I'm sure you're very nice and all, LOL). Anyway, he's actually in Finland (homeland of this happy fella that I posted about a while back). Check his review, it's kinda fun in a weird way (who needs deadpan reviews anyway) but also good fun. I laughed out aloud a few times ("hairy triangle", LMAO). The title for the film he talks about is Cannibal Curse on the YouTube video but in reality it's Patrick Kong Yeung's CURSE from 1988 (not to be confused with any other film by that title from Hong Kong! LOL). The DVD he reviews is one of the terribly crappy bootlegs from VideoAsia in the US, haha (but I'll admit it's a easy was to get these rare films). You can get them on Amazon, there's a handful of volumes and they're about the price of a hamburger (WITHOUT a soft drink! Haha).