Friday, December 9, 2011

"I love it how if you didn't know him...'d think he were 75 years old, Black, and from the Deep South of America. Instead, he's 25, White and fucking Australian!!"

I was watching "Tracks" on Arte TV a few days ago and they had a feature on this guy. His name's C.W. Stoneking and his music is like as if he'd just stepped out of a timemachine from 1920-something! The above quotation is from the comments section under the YouTube video (it's not quite true that he's 25, actually he's 37 y.o.). There's a link to his webpage and I knew I had to order one of his albums right away! He's got them on both vinyl and CD. I ordered his latest album (in both formats). I can't say I know much about this old music (cos I don't!) but the Arte feature was enough to make me interested.