Friday, April 1, 2011

How will I ever sleep again...

...with this *happy fella* now living in my lounge room!!?? o_O

I got him a while back but he's been sitting in my dad's garage for 6 months or so. I finally went to pick him up today but he needed a good scrub before getting here. I got him from some market that you could label somewhere in-between antique store/junk shop/op shop/thrift store/second hand market/WHATHAVEYOU market! LOL. He's around 115 centimetres (45 inches) tall and can hold 60 CD's. It took around TWO hours to wash off the nicotine stains from having (probably) sat in a smoky house for a really long time! Yuk! Anyway, he's here now and I think it's most fitting if I use him for my collection of garage rock/60's punk CD's, don't ya reckon? Caveman's music, haha. I've actually got TWO more like him (different but the same, kind of) sitting waiting in my dad's garage. Oh, and I got a new bookcase today as well, actually the first of two (and yes the other one is... in my dad's garage, LOL). They each have 7 big shelves. And they're deep too! Very important for storing those sell-thru tapes that aren't collectable among hardened collectors but that you don't wanna chuck away.