Tuesday, March 31, 2009

China White finally on dvd

Yes my children, I have been away from you but now I am back. Rejoice!
(yes, I have just re-watched that old Jim Jones TV series, LOL).

After having bought John Woo's now classic heroic bloodshed masterpiece THE KILLER around 1991, one of the first violent HK movies I got hold of on original video tape (as opposed to 4th generation dupes via tape-trading) was Ronny Yu's CHINA WHITE on vhs from the UK. Later, I also got hold of the Danish vhs release.
As I said, this was way back in the early 90s and for some reason the film kinda just drifted into obscurity and was never granted a dvd release. Well, not until now that is cos, lo and behold, on April 7. it's finally gonna come out in HK!

[old UK vhs/filmed in English & Cantonese/Eng. subs]

Opposed to most HK heroic bloodshed/triad films CHINA WHITE isn't set in HK but in and around a Chinatown in Holland. Hmm, now that I think about it I remember I actually reviewed the film for a fanzine way back in around 1992 or 93!! Anyway, when the film was made they actually shot two versions, one for HK and the other for international release. Interestingly enough, it's actually the international version which is director Ronny Yu's cut. The video versions I have both contain this version but I'm not sure which version is gonna come out on dvd. Obviously, it would be interesting to see the HK cut but according to Spannick at Asian Dvd Guide forum the HK print was heavily censored on laserdisc and vhs. But still, it would be interesting to see as it (apparently) contains completely different scenes and actors. I guess the ultimate dvd would include both versions. It's up for pre-order at Dddhouse.

[new HK dvd]

NB: there's a bit of confusion about whether the UK vhs is cut by 3 seconds or not. I'll see if I could be bothered to compare the two video releases at some stage. LOL.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I got shot in the head today!!!

And it was even in the trigger happy Nørrebro part of Copenhagen! But fortunately it was only in a movie! I went to the Danish capital today to star in a new Herschell Gordon Lewis inspired underground movie entitled PLANET HOLOCAUST.


PLANET HOLOCAUST is directed by renowned underground musician, film maker, and actor Amdi Peter. Amdi Peter is well known on the Danish punk scene for his old band Amdi Petersens Armé which also received some underground fame in the US and toured there, and he has later played in Gurilla Angreb and various other bands. Peter is also a well known face on the alternative Danish film scene. About five years ago he played the lead in the zombie flick RÅDDEN KÆRLIGHED which, incidentally, is also where I first met him (I was one of the zombies, LOL) and he directed DEN INTERGALAKTISKE GENVEJ starring Heine Sørensen and Henrik Larsen (of Obskuriøst magazine). Interestingly enough, I finally got to see the place where INTERGALAKTISKE was shot as today's shoot was done at the same flat.

PLANET HOLOCAUST is an ambitious trash movie that has already been 18 months underway and which still has a long way to go as it isn't scheduled for release until the end of the year. The cast is fairly big counting almost everyone from the Copenhagen scene of horror/trash movie collectors. For instance, today I spoke to Rockugle-Kim from the Copenhagen record & video store "Rock Uglen" who is also in the movie, along with Hetero Jens of Moshable magazine & Lowcut.dk and Heine Sørensen (of Stay Sick! magazine and several underground films including Martin Schmidt films, LOL), and countless more.

When I starred in RÅDDEN KÆRLIGHED five years ago I said I wouldn't do another movie. My feelings towards it all were kinda like when Ed Wood in ED WOOD says: "This is the one I'll be remembered for". Back then I said to Heine: "I don't wanna do another movie ever; this is going to be my cult role". Haha, well, you have an opinion until you change it for another one, LOL. The thing is Heine kept bugging me about this movie going: "Oh go on, they really want you in this, they keep asking me!" So I caved in, haha.

Anyway, my part isn't very big anyway and it was all done today. I only have one scene and Heine told me there wouldn't be very much dialogue, just a couple of lines. Well, never trust a bullshitter!!! haha. When we arrived today Amdi Peter pulled out FOUR PAGES OF DIALOGUE!!! I got more lines than anybody else in the whole bloody movie!!! I said "but how am I gonna do this, I can't remember four pages of dialogue. I'm not a fucking actor for chrissakes!"

Anyway, I believe it went alright in the end. Briefly about the plot; The film is about this virus from the moon that spreads to Earth and makes someone mutate into a hideous monster. A monster which obviously kills people, haha. In the film I play an astronaut who returns from to Earth and tries to warn people by leaking his story to a journalist although the company has told him not to. Obviously both he and the journalist get violently killed with gun shots to their heads. Good fun!

The journalist is played by an American guy called Justin that I hadn't met before and he knew as little about the movie and the plot (and the lines!!) as I did but he was a good trooper and after a few rehearsals it all worked out well (that was my impression anyway but of course you never know how it's gonna look once it's on the screen!). Our big snuff scene was, needless to say, quite gory. The special effects were provided by Tue Sick who also did the FX on RÅDDEN KÆRLIGHED (and who also played in some punk bands, I'm not sure if he still does). His surname (listed in the end credits to Rådden Kærlighed) probably isn't "Sick" but I suspect it's a reference to the magazine I publish; "Stay Sick!"). :-)

All in all a fun day. I hope they'll finish the movie sooner than later as it's probably gonna be great fun. We watched a teaser trailer and that certainly looked fun. They're talking about getting the film out on DVD and they've been speaking to a (for the moment being undisclosed) video label about a release but whether this'll pull thru or not remains to be seen. If nothing else they'll put it out on their own label. More info later.

EDIT (2020): The film was retitled GROTESK before its release. It premiered at the Blodig Weekend horror film festival (Copenhagen) in 2013 and was released on English friendly DVD from AWE (Denmark) soon after. The filmmakers were lousy cheapskates and I had to buy my own copy – they wouldn't even give me a lousy dvd-r. Not very punk if you ask me (actually complaining about it is way more punk, haha).

Here's some pictures from today's shoot. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a proper camera so they were all done using my cell phone and yes they're pretty crappy!! Sorry, haha.

Tue Sick working on my head-shot wound.

The shot wound before it was painted with skin colour.

Me with my open skull that doesn't look open at all as it wasn't painted at this point. Colour makes all the difference!

Tue hard at work.

Director Amdi Peter.

My co-actor Justin.

Preparing Justin's bloodied face (he gets splattered by MY blood and brain matter!).

Still preparing Justin's bloodied face.

Heine Sørensen looking by.

Friday, March 20, 2009


[VHS/Belgium/letterboxed/English dubbed/French & Dutch subtitles]

It must be 7 or 8 years ago since I bought this rare Belgian VHS release of the Indo horror movie THE QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC starring Suzzanna. And still to this day I think it's one of the coolest cover designs. I even have this as a poster (also from Belgium). Apart form a flying head, Suzzanna becoming an evil witch, and women eating maggots, the film also contains an amazing scene where a man suddenly, while walking in a crowd of people, pulls his own head off! You don't see that too often in movies these days. LOL.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nocturnal Demon (HK, 1990)

Way back in the early 90s there was an ad in an issue of the UK mag "Eastern Heroes" for some of EH's Hong Kong tapes. Actually, as far as I remember their "releases" were 1st generation dupes. Buy hey, it was a different world back then. We didn't have DVDs, we didn't have video companies that were interested in Asian movies, and there weren't thousands of fans to support releases. Actually the only HK movie fans around were just me, a couple of guys over in England, and Craig Ledbetter + Thomas Weisser from "Asian Trash Cinema"!!

Oh, and obviously Damon Foster who did thee best Asian fanzine E-V-E-R!!! "Oriental Cinema".

Anyway, one of the films in that ad was NOCTURNAL DEMON starring Moon Lee. Back then I imagined the film probably dealt with Moon Lee fighting some evil demon from Hell. Unfortunately, I didn't have much money back then (now THERE'S a surprise!) and so I never got to order the tape from the UK. And years later it became just impossible to get hold of, not least seeing that NOCTURNAL DEMON never received a DVD release.

Then last year, something like 12-13 years after having discovered the film's existence, I discovered that it was among a big pile of films on laserdisc that someone was selling at Asian Dvd Guide forum. By the way, that "someone" actually turned out to be Miles Wood who's written about HK movies and had a book published on the subject. He also lives in the old crown colony. "Wauw" you might say but as it is mr. Wood doesn't even freaking like HK movies anymore, haha. Funny but also sad. So, like, he's living in this cool place which tons of HK movie fans would kill to live in and he doesn't give a rat's ass about the movies anymore, LOL.

Anyway, I wrote to him about the laserdisc but learnt that it had actually been sold. Fortunately, Miles had made a DVDR copy before shipping it off and he offered me that I could buy a copy so that was fantastic! I mean, after all these years to finally get hold of this film which I was hoping would turn out to be an awesome horror movie.

Much delayed I watched NOCTURNAL DEMON last night and, uh, it's wasn't quite the horror movie I had hoped for. It did revolve around a serial killer but that's actually just the setting. The rest of the films is a weird (very weird) comedy! However, although NOCTURNAL DEMON turned out to be something ELSE than a dark and nasty horror movie I must say I enjoyed it heaps! There were scenes that had me rolling in tears from laughter. I can only recommend you watch the film. Btw, I mentioned it stars Moon Lee and of course any film that stars miss Lee is watchable as far as I'm concerned as she's such a fun and quirky actress. I'm not gonna review the film on this blog (but maybe later) but there's a really good fairly short review here. I suggest you read it. Credit info here.

The cover on this page isn't from the laserdisc but from a newly released dvd! YES, THAT'S RIGHT!!! After having remained unreleased during all those years when I desperately tried to find it someone obviously had to put it out on cheap and easily available DVD as soon as I found a copy off a laserdisc and had it sent over all the way from Hong Kong!! Figure that!!

However, the film remains unreleased on its home turf of Hong Kong! The DVD is released in Malaysia of all places and is out from Dragon Jester who's a new company that has specialised in old obscure HK films. The picture quality of their DVDs isn't great, it's almost like watching old video tapes from HK; fullscreen, subtitles cut off left and right, and they've obviously kept the old wonkey translations. But, hey, who's complaining! Certainly not me. This way I'm finally able to watch old rare HK flicks that I've had marked as "must find!!" in my old well worn copy of "Asian Trash Cinema - The Book" for well over a decade! And as wonkey as the old WONKEY English subtitles may be they ARE English subtitles. Dragon Jester could easily have chosen not to provide English subs at all, after all they are a company in Malaysia catering to Malay customers.

In addition to NOCTURNAL DEMON Dragon Jester have put out quite a few cheap (VEEERY cheap) DVD's of old very rare films. I don't have their new DVD of NOCTURNAL DEMON but info on a French HK site makes me believe it's the same fullscreen version they're selling. Altho not strictly speaking a horror movie as I said before I wholeheartedly recommend it!!

[click cover for full size]


What's happening with Jared's WORLDWEIRD blog??? For a moment there, a couple weeks back, it seemed our old buddy was making a return to the fandom of weirdo horror movies from strange places but he disappeared again. Too bad, pal. There aren't too many of us, sorry to see one go. The old site here.

Fist of the North Star soon on dvd

Ahh, FIST OF THE NORTH STAR! I remember this from the early splatter movie days in the early 90s. I still have my old English dubbed VHS from Manga in the UK. FIST is finally gonna be released on DVD with its original Japanese dub soon (there was another reg.1 DVD ten yrs ago, but it only carried the Eng. dub). More here.

[from Nippon Cinema site]
In the post-apocalyptic near future, Earth has been utterly devastated by nuclear war. Only the strongest survive in this brutal landscape, and Kenshiro’s inherited “Hokuto Shinken” style of fighting may make him the strongest of all—allowing him to cause spontaneous implosion in his enemies after his blows have landed. Unfortunately he is betrayed by his best friend Shin who uses the “Nanto Koshuken” style to carve 7 scars in Kenshiro’s chest, leaving him for dead and stealing his girlfriend Yuria. Many months later a cloaked figure appears, making gangs of super-powered lunatics seem like weaklings in comparison to his fighting skill. Kenshiro is back even stronger than before, and he’s not going to stop until he’s taken back what’s rightfully his.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Return of Zuma

Mein gott!!! There's going to be a new ZUMA sequel this year called THE RETURN OF ZUMA (aka Ang Pagbablik Ni Zuma)!!! Who wouldda thunk that!!!???

Of course, there's a good chance a few of you don't even know the original film ZUMA which came out way back in 1985. And very briefly (veeery briefly); It's about this green dude who has snakes coming out of him and who fucks up people and stuff (see the clip). It's not necessarily the best film ever made but the character is so weird and different from any other horror movies that alone makes it worthwile. Uh, did I mention it's ever only been available on VHS in Japan. In Filipino language with Japanese subs.

[Japanese VHS in Tagalog, Jap. subs]

The only English "version" that exists is an English dubbed trailer for the film which, incidentally, is on the Japanese ZIMATAR tape (Zuma contains for trailer for Zimatar). There is also a sequel entitled ANAK NI ZUMA (aka Zuma 2: Hell Serpent) from '87. You can get it on VCD from online stores in the Philippines.

[Filipino VCD/in Tagalog/no subs]

yes, the writing is in English on the VCD cover although the film is in Tagalog and doesn't have English subtitles. No, I don't get it either, LOL

From the original film:

ZIMATAR - wild 'n' rare Filipino flick

Apart from the two romantic French/American movies mentioned in the previous post (lol) I also watched the wild Filipino movie ZIMATAR yesterday! If you make a Google search for ZIMATAR you'll come up with almost zilch!

It a very rare movie which only exists on über-rare VHS in Japan and on rare DVD/VHS in Germany. Unfortunately, I don't have the Jap. VHS but at least I got hold of the German disk. Unfortunately, the DVD only holds the German dub (the VHS is English dubbed) and the picture quality is terrible, anyway, regardless, it was a cool fairy tale movie experience that's for sure! 130 minutes of monsters, evil witches, bad kings, wild scenes, and a 10 y.o. heroic kid. haha. Good stuff. Oh, and some of the music is stolen from the German war movie DAS BOOT!!! (how did they get away with putting this out on DVD in Germany without getting their asses sued off??). Rosemarie Gil is in it too (you know; the snake chick from DEVIL WOMAN). There's not a trace of blood or gore but in this movie you don't really need it (it would have been better tho, LOL). Recommended (if you can find it!). I got my DVD from German Amazon.

PS: The cover is from the Japanese VHS. The German cover is simply too crappy to show here!! If you MUST watch it then go here

Before Sunrise / Before Sunset Box Set

I watched this last night. I know. It must be such a shock to you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mickey Mouse kicks ass

South Park is a show I love and have done so ever since it first aired way back in OZ in the 90s. My gf at the time gave me one of the first vhs releases and needless to say I was sold immediately. And unlike a show like (UNFORTUNATELY) The Simpsons South Park still holds water. Actually, it's still as exciting, crude, and cut edge as it's always been. Here's a bit from the most recent episode which is very interesting as it may land the SP people (Comedy Central) in a lawsuit for not only using a Disney character (Mickey Mouse) but also making him a total badass fuckface, haha.

Monday, March 2, 2009

More Schnaas

Oh happy day! I'm getting more Andreas Schnaas' films: ZOMBIE '90 on reg.1 dvd, VIOLENT SHIT on German vhs, NIKOS THE IMPALER and GOBLETS OF GORE on Reg.1 and Reg.2 dvd's. The latter from Austria. I read somewhere that that's the only place GOBLETS is released! WOO-HOO!!!
I also tried to get ANTHROPOPHAGUS 2000 on Reg.1 dvd but unfortunately someone (on eBay) was willing to cough up more dough than I was. Boo-hoo. I might as well go and stick my head in the oven. :-(