Friday, January 14, 2011

Old-skool Ironmaster

I posted the new DVD cover for IRONMASTER the other day and I thought I'd just post the old Danish ex-rental VHS cover as well. Needless to say I have mr Diabolik to thank for the scan. Cheers, mate.

Cover for the new Scandinavian DVD release of "2019 After the Fall of New York"

The other day I mentioned some very exiting upcoming AWE and Njuta Films releases, and here's finally the cover for 2019 AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK (Njuta edition) that I didn't have the other day! Very cool! Well, very cool that I have it that is. The cover on the other hand completely blows ass if you ask me!! What the hell is wrong with the back of that cover!? What is that???

But then again the back of the old Danish/Swedish VHS also looks like it was done by a blind dude on crack so maybe it's out of nostalgic reasons the new one sucks ass too, haha.

The Njuta release is set for February 9. I have no info on the AWE version. I also have the release dates for a couple of the other titles:

HANDS OF STEEL - February 15 (AWE) / February 2 (Njuta)
BLASTFIGHTER - March ??? (AWE) / February 23 (Njuta)

I wrote to AWE a couple of days ago and asked about the cropping issues that the German DVD release of BLASTFIGHTER has and whether the Scandinavian version will be void of this nonsense but so far no reply. I'm crossing my fingers we're gonna get a proper version this time.

THE CRAMPS - interview (1990)

"Night After Night" talkshow, 1990

It was very strange to be in a coffee shop and there are a 100 people and they are all looking at you... *in Texas*.

Gee whiz!! Check out this muy great interview with Poison Ivy & Lux Interior from THE CRAMPS! It starts a little abrupt but most of it is there; According to the uploader there's 30 seconds missing at the beginning. It's from American TV in 1990 and at first you might think the interviewer looks fairly square but actually... and in contradiction to so many other interviewers... he takes his time with the band and asks them direct no bullshit questions. No fake baloney here. He's probably not a fan but he genuinely seems to be honest about wanting to know about the band. Notice how he doesn't try and pull a stupid joke when Lux talks about masturbating fans! xD
Great interview. So sad Lux isn't here anymore. :(