Friday, May 23, 2008

In ter net... Eh?

Mein gott!! When will I discover the existence of the Internet!!! I do this bloody blog (rimes too), I have a handful of web-pages (altho dead ones) and I'm online almost every day... and yet I keep forgetting that Cyberspace is even there!!! As I explained in an earlier post my cd player is broke (yes bad American grammar) so I'm going thru my old cassette tapes. Tonight's tape was an old Martin Hall (alternative Danish musician from the '80s) interview from 1984 and he's talking about his (then) new record he'd just put out with his band Under For: "Apparently All The Same", a record I've wanted since 19-fucking-84! In fact I spent the 80s wanting his records but never being able to find any of them since in those days alternative music meant you couldn't buy the records if you lived 3Ks outside of the city centre (I'm not even fucking kidding!!). And then... after having had an Internet subscription for a year and a half... my brain goes (kinda like Homer Simpson); Hey, I've got this fantastic idea... why don't we... okay-okay it's a bad Eddie Hitler impersonation - but Jesus Christ!!! It finally dawns on me I can probably get these records on eBay; I look them up and sure enough there they are!! In just one scoop I get THREE of them! Gott im himmel!!! I think I'll write down one hundred times "gotta realise eBay is there" and go to bed without any dinner to punish myself for being such a retard!
Hey, how you doin' by the way?