Monday, January 17, 2022

JOHN WATERS and MINK STOLE on "The Joan Quinn Profiles" show (1997 + 2000)


 There's a ton of John Waters interviews to get lost in out there, and needless to say they're all great (at least if you're a fan - and quite frankly: I am), but then once in a while you stumble over one interview which is somewhat different. And this is one of them! 

I don't live in LA (or the US for that matter) so I'm really not familiar with Joan Quinn but from online info she has apparently been presenting a local (local in LA that is) tv show for the past 30 years. On her show she usually talks to two "celebs" (although I've never heard of 98 % of them) for half an hour. She's been doing this since the early 90s and according to IMDb she still does the show!  

I assume she liked John a lot cos as a rare occurrence she dedicated the full show to him. Three years later she also spoke to Mink Stole, which I'll also include in this post. Hardly anybody has seen these two interviews (on YouTube anyway) which is rather odd.