Tuesday, January 18, 2022

JOHN WATERS on Emerald tv (1977)


Yesterday, I posted a cool episode of the Joan Quinn tv show that had John Waters on it in 1997. And here's an even more fun show that John did for a local tv station. This one is right out gay (check the ads!) and great fun. Oh, and it's from 1977! Most of the John Waters shows/interviews on youtube are from way later. And it's cool to see a younger version on Waters. The interviewer is enthusiastic, the questions are good, and he isn't kissing up to John, which sometimes happens in later interviews and which irritates me.
A sad bit of info from the comments section to the video:
"This show is introduced by handsome Frank O'Dowd, who sadly died of AIDS in 1988. Vito Russo, who interviews John Waters, died of AIDS in 1990." - DentalTech1000