Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day on the Green, 1985

I got a pile of old-skool thrash- and heavy metal "mix-tape" style cd-r's from my buddy Henrik last week and since then it's been back to the old thrash metal days in this house. LOL. This video is from the old "Cliff 'em all" VHS which came out a while after Cliff Burton was killed in 1987. I actually had a ticket for the gig in Copenhagen that never happened cos they'd crashed their bus the night before (but I got to see them with Cliff at the Roskilde Festival a few months earlier which was the highlight of that summer). The tape is all bootleg recordings and (I believe) a few clips from TV. The clip I'm posting here is without a doubt the best of the lot and most likely taped for local TV or something. I still have my old video tape which I bought back in England and just before writing this I checked Amazon to see if there's a DVD release, and yes there is. One of the many Amazon users who comment about the DVD mentions that there are two Metallica's (he's complaining about the new fans who trash the DVD for not being produced properly, haha). And yeah, I fully agree. Altho three of the four members are the same it's been a very different band ever since the Black Album came out. Back in the second half of the 80s the original version of Metallica was my favourite band of all time. Of all bands. Anywhere. This clip is from their best period in my view.

Thanks to Henrik for the cd's.

Rare LEMMY interview circa 1983

Rarest interview with thee coolest MISFIT! (i.e. Lemmy of Motörhead as if you didn't know. And if you really didn't know: please go away!).

Q: "There aren't many rocken rollers like you left?"
Lemmy: "What, you mean intelligent?"

The picture quality blows but in some ways it FITS perfectly! This interview is from circa 1983. It's originally uploaded by someone else (in the UK) but they disabled the embed function so obviously I had to re-upload the whole thing. LOL. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another World Entertainment to release exclusive BRUNO MATTEI booklet by fave cult writer!

From Reuters (Saturday):


News in this morning confirm speculations that DVD & blu-ray publisher Another World Entertainment (Denmark) have signed a deal with renowned underground cult personality Jack J of "En Lejemorder Ser Tilbage" blog and "Stay Sick!" fanzine fame for an extraordinary release entitled "Hell of the Living Dead Booklet". A release critics quickly have labeled "Most likely the most important release of 2010".

Another World Entertainment (AWE) will shortly be releasing the Jack J penned mammoth coffee table booklet on Italian master film director Bruno Mattei; a director who is widely recognised by film aficionados and academics alike for his cinematic classics such as SS GIRLS, THE OTHER HELL, ZOMBI 3, HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD and not least his ground breaking masterpiece CRUEL JAWS.

It seems surreal that no major reference book has been published previously but according to AWE part owner and founder, mr Jan Schmidt, the answer is most likely that only few film critics would have dared to put themselves on the line; As mr. Schmidt puts it: "One wrong word about Bruno Mattei and you would have an angry mob on your hands. Thousands of furious Mattei fans ready to tar and feather you."

To the question why he and AWE would risk their necks with this release:

Mr Schmidt: "Well, we knew very well mr Jensen [aka Jack J, Reuters] could pull this off in a grand way. In fact we are convinced he's the ONLY writer who could do this."

A limited edition of the booklet will contain one of maestro Mattei's films; HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD. We asked mr Schmidt why they have chosen to include a DVD with mr J's awesome booklet.

Mr Schmidt: "Well, it's not that we didn't think people would pay $20 for a four page booklet. We are confident most fans would, it's written by Jack J for Christ's sakes! But we just thought it was something the fans would appreciate".

Will you be working with mr J again?

Mr Schmidt: "Haha, you don't throw away a golden goose, now do you! We certainly hope mr J would wish to work with us again. Why would we want to work with anybody else! We've previously tried other writers and they all fall flat in comparison".

Some alleged rumours hint that mr J likes to take his time with his material?

Mr Schmidt: "That may be, but it's certainly not something we view as a problem. We fully understand that different rules apply when you're dealing with an acclaimed underground writer like mr J. We just hope he'll work with us again."

HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD is in stores this coming week.

Reuters (London office)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blood... nuns... blood... sinful... nuns... blooood...

Ahh, who wouldn't get arou... happy at the thought of wild nuns with bloodied hands who turn their eyes black and spew equal amounts of profanities and blood in your face. Ahhh. xD

The muy fantastico lobbycard above is one that I've just won. YAY!!! The bottom one is one I unfortunately lost out on a couple of weeks back. Boo-hoo!!! They're both from the Mexican horror movie SATANICO PANDEMONIUM from 1975. It's available on a spiffy disc from Mondo Macabro but unfortunately it seems it's going out of print.

Btw, if you haven't watched SANTANICO PANDEMONIUM but still think there's a wee bell going off in your head it may very well be cos you've seen FROM DUSK TILL DAWN in which another Mexican (and muy bonita at that!), Salma Hayek, plays a character called Satanico Pandemonium (in fact this is without a doubt señorita Hayek's FINEST moment on celluloid if you ask me!).

I couldn't find a trailer for SATANICO PANDEMONIUM so instead here's one for a TV documentary about everyday life in Mexican convents:

- And here; one of the finest moments in cinematic history. This is the clip I'd bring to a deserted island if I were to only bring one clip!!!

LMAO. Alright, the top trailer is of course from the awesome movie ALUCARDA (also on DVD from MM). xD

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lunchmeat #5 out now!

The new issue of LUNCHMEAT, one of the sadly last horor film fanzines, is on the street! I've got the previous 2 issues (I was too bloody slow for #1 and 2, grrr) and they're a good read. Support this mag! If the last few fanzines dissapear who's to say if any new fans are gonna be bothered with putting out new ones at all! :-(

PS: they state in the postage fee section that postage to "the rest of the world" is $5 but I've just ordered it thru eBay and the postage is only $4 ($10 in total).

Sales pitch from the editors:

You read right! Issue # 5 of Lunchmeat is ready to be consumed!

We’ve piled the meat high with LM #5 with in-depth reviews of hard-to-find flicks such as Jennifer, The Jitters, Night Terror, Thou Shalt not Kill… Except, and Black Devil Doll from Hell along with a heaping helping of other blood-encrusted cinematic treats that are sure to stick to your teeth! Also lurking within the pages, we have an interview with Tony Riparetti about his prolific career as a B-movie film composer and his many collaborations with low-budget maestro Albert Pyun.

Painter extraordinaire Keith Batcheller candidly tells about his career hammering out video covers (House of the Long Shadows, The Tomb) for the releasing companies in the 80s. We’re also proud to present an interview with Black Lodge Video out of Memphis, TN: a rental store that’s sure to induce time travel, hurling you into VHS days gone by. Speaking of time travel, we've also dug up a bunch of Horror vinyl for you nostalgia hounds to chew on in what we like to call Tales from the Crate! Dig those groovy sounds!

Wait… There’s more?!... Much more! Rob Hauschild is back with a slimy box of tapes pulled straight from the trash; Heather Drain shows us she knows her shit when it comes to 80s music videos (and the 80s in general) with a review of Vestron Video’s Picture Music, and Putrid gives us his totally amazing one page comic: The Birth of Slithis! And, as always, the Crossword Troll has a challenge for you in the realm of Slasher flicks. Defeat him, and you shall win prizes. That’s right: PRIZES! Fantastic ones! We’re talking VHS tapes and stuff!!

What other video vittles and forgotten treasures await you in our newest issue? Guess you’ll have to grab one…before it grabs you!! Keep those eyelids peeled and glued, kids! Hoooo-haaahhhhh!!!

If you have a subscription already, you rule, and your copy of the new issue is on its way to your mailbox! Get stoked!

All you other voracious videovores can mosey on over here to grab your copy!

The site linked up above is still relatively new, so if you have any trouble with it, please check us out over on eBay. Here's another link for that:
LUNCHMEAT # 5!! on eBay!!

Issue # 4 is still available, but going fast. And we’ve got some shirts now. Shirts that GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!! (available only through eBay at this point!) Limited Quantities were made, so get ‘em while the gettin’s good!!

If all else fails, please forward your PAYPAL payment to LunchmeatVHS@Gmail.com

Here's a price breakdown for all you tapeheads!

Each 'zine is $6!

Shippin' the meat:

US - First zine is $2, $1 each additional

CAN - First zine $3, $1 each additional

MEX - First zine $4, $1 each additional

Rest of the world - First zine $5, $2 each additional

Please be sure to let us know which issues and how many of each you'd like when you send your payment. That's info we need!

If you have any questions about the zine, have a rad video to share or just want to yell at us, contact us at LunchmeatVHS@Gmail.com

Keep on'a watchin, everybody! Hell yeah!

Josh and Ted / LM

NEW Documentary on the guy who made MEN BEHIND THE SUN

[click the poster for bigger scan]

About a year ago I wrote about the 20 minute documentary short film CONVERSATIONS WITH T.F. MOU, directed by Dvdmaniacs member Jules L. Carrozza. Of course, I'm sure you're aware T.F. Mou is the infamous director of MAN/MEN BEHIND THE SUN, BLACK SUN: THE NANKING MASSACRE (Man Behind the Sun 4), LOST SOULS, THE TEENAGER'S NIGHTMARE (from Criminals 5), etc.

The film is available on YouTube (a legit upload as it's by the director). But lo and behold, now Carrozza has done a new documentary about T.F. Mou entitled BLACK SUNSHINE: CONVERSATIONS WITH T.F. MOU. And this time it's a "real" feature film. The trailer certainly looks awesome! There's gonna be a screening in September but needless to say it's not gonna take place in the cold, damp and forsaken outskirts of the world where I'm located. :-(
(if you watched that Motörhead short film I posted yesterday: That's exactly what it's like living here!!!).

But there's really no need for weeping (much) cos Carrozza is putting out the film on DVD already around Christmas. Just like the first film this one is made as an underground film with whatever limited financial means Jules has been able to scrape together and unfortunately this means we won't be seeing a "real" DVD release.

The problem is basically that Celestial won't allow the use of film clips unless you pay them (and apparently pay them WELL). I find it odd that they don't see the commercial potential in getting their films presented in a good documentary about one of the old Shaw Brothers directors. I'm not gonna go into a longer rant about this (cos there's a LOT to rant about in this regard) but Celestial is NOT an easy company to deal with. The mere fact that they won't allow Cantonese audio on some of the reg. 1 DVDs (altho Canto is often the intended dialect) speaks for itself. In short, Carrozza is gonna release the film on dvdr and let it fly under the radar. Well, works for me! (flying under the radar is the ONLY way to fly anyway, if you ask me. LOL). Rather a dvdr than not seeing the film at all or only getting a YouTube upload.

If you'd like to see the old docu go here. And you can read Jules' posts (on Dvdmaniacs) about the film here.

Here's a clip from MEN BEHIND THE SUN but if you're screamish you might wanna pass it by.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MOTÖRHEAD: the lost... legendary... forgotten... "Iron Fist" film!!!

This is the members of Motörhead in the "Iron Fist" intro film from 1982!!!

Another of these Scandinavian Brits (Scandinavia is apparently full of them), Jonathan Douglass, brought this film to my attention the other day (cheers mate!!). It's a film that's been lost for many years but has now re-surfaced on YouTube!

It's a film that Motörhead got made but even so many fans don't even know it exists and, uh, since I'm one of them (the ones who's been in the dark about this film) I can't really tell you much about it. The film only runs for a couple of minutes and it was made to be played as an intro on Motörhead's "Iron Fist" tour in 1982. The idea was that the film would play and the band would come down from the above on a platform and onto the stage. Or something. But soon after the tour started the equipment broke down and they ditched it. Apparently, the band hated it anyway, haha.

I'll include the (whatever little) bit of info that was posted on YouTube. The uploader is someone in Argentina who's got a huge website all about Motörhead bootlegs! And one of the posters claims to be the director of the film. Obviously, I have no way of knowing if it's bollox or what.

NB: The YouTube headline calls the film a "trailer" but to me it looks as if the whole thing is there. I mean as an intro to a gig it wouldn't have run for much longer than a few minutes so I'm sure it's the whole thing we're seeing.

By uploader Metalbomber:

Manager at the time, Douglas Smith, though he would become a film maker, and did this little trailer. Along with other gimmicks, like the band decending from the ceiling of the venue on a mobile stage, this film was to have been shown at the beginning of the gigs on the Iron Fist tour. Theses things took place on the first 1 or 2 gigs, along with a huge Iron Fist opening up, (see Iron Fist video), but then the machinery broke down and the band simply went back to playing the gigs as normal.

By NikMid (the director???)

This is the first ever thing I directed. I think I was about 21 at the time. The dead knights were the road crew and the girl was Kathy who was Motorheads office receptionist. The lights behind the hill were aircraft landing lights and the red smoke were smoke bombs I think and we spent a lot of time praying on the wind!

I've given it five stars but with a bit of re-editing and maybe some less dramatic music I'd give it ten!

Amazing, how'd it end up on here?

...filmed before the 30 yr binge!

Black Sabbath, from a TV programme from France, 1970 (this is from a UK broadcast in the 1980s, though). The rest of the programme contains the legendary Paris concert from the same year.

The picture is unfortunately stretched on YouTube. Obviously, it should be in fullscreen (4:3).

Un Condé (Yves Boisset, France/Italy, 1970)


[click for bigger scan]

I watched UN CONDÉ tonight. The film was released on Danish rental VHS as Hævn Uden Nåde [Revenge Without Mercy] but the tape is uber rare and the cover scan here is unfortunately not mine. :-(

UN CONDÉ is a French/Italian cop movie from 1970, directed by Yves Boisset and I'm afraid I don't know much about French crime flicks. I've seen a few of the Italian polizisco films which draw heavily on the Dirty Harry inspiration. Obviously, I have no idea if their French counterparts do the same but UN CONDÉ certainly plays along the same lines as the Dirty Harry series with one lone cop (Michel Bouquet) set out to clean up the underworld using methods that aren't quite by the book. Let me say this right away: Hævn Uden Nåde is very good and if this is an indicator of the level these French "polizisco" movies are on then... keep 'em coming I say!!

Unfortunately, as with quite a few of the Italian films UN CONDÉ isn't released in an English friendly version. These screen grabs are from a bootleg DVD I bought on eBay. I'm aware there's a DVD out in France and I suspect this fan subbed DVD is off that DVD. Kudos goes to the fan subber who's done a fine job with the English subtitles (no kudos goes to the guy who made the crappy bootleg cover!). UN CONDÉ is definitely highly recommended.

Thanks to Diabolik for the Danish cover. And yes, that's the one he presented on Danish TV!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Awesome films that time forgot

[click the covers for full size]

Of course, they're not really films that time forgot. In fact everybody remembers them in that alternative universe where they were made. I wish I lived there. Mario Bave making BATMAN!! Wauw. xD.
There's more and you can check them all out here (and check that page's commentary section that contains a few more).

You're talking bollox, Thomas!

Ahh, good ol'e Thomas Weisser is at it again. Anybody remember the messed up info in Thomas Weisser's Asian Trash/Cult Cinema books? Obviously, none of us are perfect but the same bloody (and often obvious!) mistakes got carried along all the way to the latest third volume!!! Uhh, and of course I can't forget the stories my friend Nils Markvardsen told me about how Weisser had reviewed films in his spaghetti western book; films that never got made! Haha. Nils told me Weisser had written reviews based on early synopsis of films that had been planned for filming but which never actually got made!! LMAO.

I've just received the latest newsletter from his Asian Cult Cinema store and in it he writes about Bruno Mattei in order to promote that he's now selling CANNIBAL WORLD (2003). On his store page he claims that the DVD is a "A Japanese release" but funnily enough the DVD cover has the odd title "Cannibal Holocaust 2" plastered all over the Japanese title!

Lissen, Thomas, mate, If you're selling a bootleg just call it a bootleg, alright.

The film's original English title is of course CANNIBAL WORLD and the English language title on the Japanese DVD is "Cannibal Holocaust The Beginning". I believe the Japanese language title (written in Japanese characters) may very well be the same as their title for CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST but it's just adding to the confusing title HELL of alternative titles when Weisser chooses to use a title that was also used for CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST 2: THE CATHERINE MILES STORY.

Also, it's pure baloney when he states CANNIBAL WORLD is a sequel to CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. No, it isn't. The Japanese sequel number 2 (plus his own fake number 2) doesn't make it an official sequel. If anything it's a REMAKE of Deodato's film.

For the DVD at the Asian Cult Cinema store go here.

From the ACC newsletter by Weisser:

Allow me to switch gears to World Cult Cinema.
I’d like to talk a bit about Bruno Mattei. Here is a filmmaker who worked behind more pseudonyms than any other director in the world. Between 1970 and 2007, he made 54 movies under 21 different names. For most fans of Euro exploitation, he will best be remembered as "Vincent Dawn," an alias he first used for HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD [aka NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES] in 1980.
Cannibal Holocaust 2 Born in 1931, Bruno Mattei grew up in Rome. He began his career as a film editor for his father’s small production house in the late fifties. As he grew more accomplished, Mattei began working with many European directors. By the late '60s, he was recognized as an "editor extraordinaire," responsible for the finishing touches on over 100 different movies. In 1970, he found himself in Spain working on COUNT DRACULA for director Jesus Franco. It was Franco who convinced Mattei to try a hand at film directing. The result was a torrid sex drama called "Armida" (1970).
During his 40 years of filmmaking, Mattei dabbled in every facet of Cult Film. He made Nazi atrocity movies (PRIVATE HOUSE OF THE SS, under the name Jordan B Matthews), nunsploitation (THE OTHER HELL as Stefan Oblowsky), and an array of Spaghetti Westerns, Women-in-Prison actioners, Sex Films, Sword-n-Sandal flicks, Monster Movies and even a Jaws rip-off (called "Cruel Jaws" under the William Snyder moniker).
In the mid-2000s, Bruno Mattei decided to revisit a peculiar Italian cult phenomenon known as the Cannibal Movie (originally popularized by Ruggerio Deodato with his masterpiece CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, 1979). Mattei directed, wrote and edited the sequel CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST 2 in 2005, released under the Vincent Dawn pseudonym. Sadly, this would be among his final motion pictures.
Bruno Mattei In early 2007, his health began declining rapidly; Bruno Mattei was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Despite warnings from hospital specialists, Mattei decided on an operation to have the tumor removed. After surgery, he fell into a coma and died a few days later on May 21, 2007. He was 75.
Bruno Mattei was a radical filmmaker, responsible for many excursions into exploitation, to be seen and appreciated by all fans of extreme cult cinema. If you have not as yet experienced CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST 2 don’t wait any longer. Click the cover to the right for more information. This was his last film as both editor and director.
It lives. Even in his absence.

The two different covers; on top Thomas Weisser's "Japanese" DVD with fake English title, and below the original Japanese cover. I don't mind buying bootlegs but I get ANNOYED when a seller tells me his American bootleg is a Japanese DVD. .\_/.

Monday, August 23, 2010

La Casa de las Siete Tumbas (Argentina, 1982) - trailer

Thanks to Ingolf for drawing my attention to this. Sadly there's no English friendly release.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rachel Bloom's video valentine/birthday card

- or: Interview with the girl who did the "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" video!

I posted the "Fuck me, Ray Bradbury" video the other day and it seems everybody is curious about the chick singer so I called her on the phone and asked her a few questions about the song.
Alright-alright I found it on another blog but here it is anyway. I'm probably not supposed to post it in full so I've cut some boring parts out. The interview was originally posted on Seattle PI Reader Blogs and you can read the interview in full here (and it contains links which I haven't bothered to copy). Thanks to Seattle PI Reader Blogs for letting me post it here (which I'm sure they would have if I'd asked them).

PS: And interesting to learn that the chick is actually a Ray Bradbury fan and has been so for many years, it's not just for the video.

The Girl Who (NSFW) Loves Ray Bradbury

by stephenjgertz (August 20, 2010)

Last Sunday, August 15, 2010, novelist Ray Bradbury received a very special advance birthday gift in celebration of his 90th birthday on August 22, 2010, that the whole world was invited to share.

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury, a video valentine/birthday card by Rachel Bloom has since been viewed 441,407 times on YouTube.

Once upon a time the novel stood at the pinnacle of culture and novelists were idolized. That time has, alas, passed, so it's good to see a little old fashioned hero-worship by a very sincere fan who has brought novelist-worship into the 21st century with a video camera, wit, and a wink.

It's a tender testimonial, in the tradition of Judy Garland's love letter in song, You Made Me Love You, to Clark Gable on the occasion of his birthday in 1937 - with sex and grrrl power!

Booktryst reached Ms. Bloom, an aspiring stand-up comic, for comment.

Booktryst: Tell us a little about yourself.

RB: I'm twenty-three, and a student at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

How long have you been a Ray Bradbury fan?

I've been a Ray Bradbury since I was about 14.

What's your favorite book by Ray?

The Martian Chronicles, which is also not only my favorite book of his but my favorite book of all.

Do you collect books by Ray?

I do collect his books, especially now, since I had to buy all the books for the music video!

Any other favorite authors?

Other favorite authors I have intensity for...probably no one as dear to my heart, but I'm a huge fan of Philip Roth, Kurt Vonnegut, J.K. Rowling (huuge Harry Potter fanatic) and all comedy books by George Carlin (which were based on his standup). Also, I'm a big fan of Bryan K. Vaughan.

What's your boyfriend's reaction to the video?

My boyfriend, bless his heart, is so proud of me. His name is Dan Gregor, and he's a writer for "How I Met Your Mother," as well as a member of the sketch comedy group ChubbySkinnyKids . The Britney Spears parody-angle to the video was an idea that partially came from him, and he encouraged me to dress accordingly. After all, I'm not showing my boobs/saying dirty things for sluttiness' sake- I'm doing it because it fits in with the comedic intention of the piece. At the end of the day, this song and every other comedy song I will continue to write is a musical comedy sketch.

Was this a project for school?

This was a private venture. I came across this song on an old word document on my comp, and I was like "Oh. I should record this and make a music video." I produced this whole thing pretty much on my own. I think being an only child really helped me with stuff like this.

My budget was the budget that a recent college grad could barely afford.

What is it about Ray that you find so attractive?

First of all, the number one thing I am earnestly attracted to is intelligence. Writers are thus the pinnacle of intelligence. While actors are great and awesome, writers literally create new worlds from scratch. What is sexier than that? Personally, I don't know why every person out there isn't dating a writer.

If you had a chance to meet Ray, what would you say to him?

If I were to meet Ray Bradbury, I would say very earnestly that I am overwhelmed with how well he combines such mind blowingly cool ideas with the realism of how humans deal with these ideas. That's what struck me especially about Martian Chronicles or The Illustrated Man...I found myself as emotionally engaged as I was mentally. If I really met him, I would be nothing but respectful and probably like the 12 year old boy I secretly am inside.

What do you hope Ray's reaction will be?

I just heard through the grapevine that Ray Bradbury saw the video and loved it.

Does this relationship have a future?

We'll see what happens!

I think it safe to presume that rarely, if ever, has a ninety-year old man been the object of a 23-year old coed's literary libido. This may add another ten years to Ray's lifespan. Or shorten it. What a way to go.

10:31AM Update: Rare bookseller James Pepper, a friend of Ray's, reports this morning that "Ray has not seen it yet, but tomorrow the Mayor and the city council are declaring Ray Bradbury week at city hall. Ray is going to be shown the video after that event at his house by my friend John Tarpinian who is accompanying Ray downtown. So hopefully we will know his reaction late tomorrow."

12:48PM Update: It has been reported to me that Ray Bradbury has watched the video twice and liked it.

Houston, we have a throblem!

...and someone on the Internet posted this photo of Ray finally watching the "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" video.

When Robert Redford comes to you in your dreams

I woke up and wrote down one of my messed up dreams again. I choose not to regard them as anything but fragments of a mutated insane brain. Otherwise I'd probably believe the back of my mind is trying to tell me I'm gay ["Not that there's anything wrong with being gay", Seinfeld] (the last dream I remembered was about Fred Anderson and now Robert Redford for Christ's sakes!). Damn brain, I thought we had an agreement!

I found myself on a connecting street close to the neighbourhood where I grew up. There was a shopping cart (which later changed into a fridge) half blocking the road so I put it into a big fridge (which changed into a big wooden cupboard). The maintenance guy came by and it was his job to do this but since he hadn't done it I got impatient and moved the trolley. I discovered I had my dick hanging out my pants and didn't want him to see it so I walked away from him slowly towards my little backpack. I got my schlong tugged in, got my backpack, and started walking towards a big hill which is located close to that road. However, in my dream it was much bigger and had a hotel on top. I wanted to go there cos I knew it was owned by my friend Robert Redford. I got to the asphalt padded yard in front of the main entrance. A couple of girls were sitting next to a table a bit of way away and I dragged my backpack, which had now changed into a plastic bag, on the ground to show them I REALLY didn't care. I got in thru the door and went into a lift to go to the top floor. The inside of the lift looked weird, the staff had tried to make it safer by applying odd paddings to it. I got to the top floor and I walked out and the same did a group of other people from the lift. They hadn't been there when the lift went up. There was a party going but being my cool self I didn't want to rush ahead like the dorks in the group. And besides, I wasn't wearing a suit like they were (not that I ever wore a suit) so I waited for a moment. A mid-aged rich woman asked me if I wanted to come around for sex at an agreed time. I said "Yes, write down the time" and gave her a pen. The paper was in my plastic bag which for some reason was now on top of a bookshelf. Being a rich woman she didn't know how to reach for the paper so she looked around for a servant. I reached up, gave her the paper but then I saw my friend Robert Redford. He was sort of keeping to himself and leaning towards a wall. I went over and we talked briefly, he knew I wasn't one of the rest of these people, vultures who were just interested in his fame. The mid-aged woman who wanted to fuck me came over, she had now changed into a pretty young girl and she looked shaggable but when Redford begun to speak to me again I thought "fuck it" (because I'd probably get another chance with her later) and turned my back to her. Then Redford said "Have you done your Cleese?" To which I replied "No, not yet". I knew what he was referring to and at this stage I remembered I'd dreamt about this before. Maybe weeks ago or maybe even months had passed in between but in a previous dream I'd been at this place before where I'd played a hiding game with Robert Redford. A dream in which I'd done John Cleese's famous long-legged "walk" (the one you see in the "Faulty Towers" episode about the Germans where he imitates the Nazi walk). So we started the game again, Redford hid in a small cupboard and I simply went for the lift again. The pretty girl was confused and went to his hiding place, opened the door and asked if he'd seen me. He yelled "Jack, have you done the 'walk'" So I stuck my head out and yelled "No", pressed the button on the wall, the elevator began going down again... and I woke up.

At some stage in the dream I'd heard a loud noise and now I discovered that a pile of video tapes close to my bed had fallen over (and crushed some of the little people who I suspect live on my floor).

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh... my... gawd!!!

My eyes are deceiving me! This can't be real!! The damn green rays from the TV set have finally mushroomed my brain cells!!!

Chester Turner's shot on VHS amateur horror films BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL and TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE from 1984/87 are getting a fucken DVD release!!!!! How... what... I mean... HUH???

Haha, Jesus fucken Christ! These two films are the weirdest of the weird. I would never have put my money, or anybody's money, on their getting an official DVD release. Like, ever!

If you have no idea what these films are go to BLEEDING SKULL (my fave web site!) and read Joseph A. Ziemba's awesome reviews for BLACK DEVIL here and one for QUADEAD ZONE here. We can talk when you come back.

Joseph A. Ziemba:
Breathe easy, friend! It’s Black Devil Doll From Hell, the early shot on video (SOV) blaxploitation cesspool from mysterious auteur Chester Turner. Easily the most vile, scummed up, deranged, and hysterical film to ever be scored with a Casiotone CT-310, Black Devil Doll’s flamboyance cannot be overstated. Forget the tug between “good” and “bad” filmmaking; there’s nothing else like this anywhere on the planet. And there never will be again. In some far off bizarro world, Dave Chappelle and John Waters got together over lunch, shot the shit, and left with a napkin-scrawled script. One camcorder later and...well, you do the math.

There isn't much to tell you about Chester Turner. Or maybe there is but whatever little bits and pieces of half forgotten info there might have been has mysteriously disappeared in the mist of whatever alternative universe Chester came from. He made BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL in 1984. He shot it on video and the budget was (most likely) around 50 bucks which (probably) went to chow and bus fares.

Then he waited three years and made TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE using the same lead actress. Then... nothing. Chester Turner disappeared. No news. Nothing.

Many years later the two Lewis brothers, Shawn & Jonathan Lewis directed a new film about a black devil doll simply entitled BLACK DEVIL DOLL. It's not a remake of Turner's film but the inspiration is there. Well, at least for the title. On Dvdmaniacs Shawn Lewis talked about how they tried to buy the copyrights for Turner's film so they could include it as extra material with their own film on DVD. They got in contact with someone on MySpace who claimed to be Chester Turner. They paid him big bucks only to find out he was a con artist. And they got in contact with Chester's family only to discover he had actually died in a car crash back in 1994 or '95. The mystery of Chester Turner remains. Maybe it's better this way.

I have both films on bootleg DVD (from the place doctor Ziemba linked to on BLEEDING SKULL) and they are fine (probably look every way as good as the original - very very very rare - tapes ever did) but I still can't wait to get this DVD. xD. Neither should you.

The release date is set for October the 26th. Official web site here.

Joseph A. Ziemba:
As you can see, rules of language, structure, and general awareness have no business in the Quadead Zone. It's a tight package of non-stop, fantasmo delirium. People speak in tongues that escape the radar of historical linguists. Chester Turner's homemade score (some of which is recycled from Black Devil Doll, but re-recorded) drowns out everything at all times. Hilarity forces you to pause for breath (Ted and Fred's jive talk sessions) before pummeling you with disturbing grit-gore (Daryl Vs. Shirley). Surprises hide beneath every plastic covered couch and dirt floor basement. And then, before you realize it, Quadead walks the plank...and lives.

PS: After having finished this piece I suddenly discover that I'm not the only one who seems to have a preference to BLEEDING SKULL. Check the top scan, they've actually quoted the very review I linked to!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dylan Dog - trailer

Check the trailer for the new DYLAND DOG film version of this cool Italian comic book. Oh, and I have a complete collection of Danish Dyland Dog comic books!!! (all five of them, haha).

It's fashion week in Copenhagen so here's "Das Modell" by Kraf... Ramm... The Cardigans!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh Lydia

Anita Mui 梅艷芳 - Sunset Song /夕陽之歌

The soundtrack from A BETTER TOMORROW III. Unfortunately, Anita Mui passed away a few years back.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Uhhhh, it's Friday... the 13th

Well, to horror movies aficionados it's on par with any other sacred holiday like... well, Halloween, LOL. And for this F13 I've got these two lined up:

I haven't watched either of the two films (nor have I watched the trailers so I hope it's the right ones, LOL). Word is EDEN LAKE is really, really good. So that's... good. Word is CABIN FEVER 2 is the worst crap (at least according to the YouTube posters that I've read) but then again every reviewer on the block also said the first one was terrible and I fucken love it so it's not like I'm gonna make up my mind by listening to YT morons, HAHA. We'll see.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fear of a Black Planet

What if... STAR WARS had been a blaxploitation movie??? o_O

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nick Nicholson has died

Unfortunately, Nick Nicholson has just passed away. I never met him but a few of us who collect Filipino films got to know him thru the Filipino section at Dvdmaniacs, these film blogs, personal emails, and not least via Andrew Leavold who went to see him several times in the Philippines. And of course THE FILMS!! I watched him about a week ago in the movie DEATH BOND where he played a double-crossing sleaze-bag. Unfortunately, his health was no-way near the one he had in that film. Recently, he's suffered five heart attacks and had to struggle with having very little money and a hospital system which is beyond crappy. Unfortunately, his body gave up today.

His wife Annie has left this sad message on his blog. Annie, if you read this; I feel very sorry for your loss.

RIP Nick.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Best ever toon on a Monday night

I bought the two Gun Club LP's "The Las Vegas Story" and "The Birth, The Death, The Ghost" in one go thru mailorder in circa 1985. I saw them at the Town & Country Club in London in 1990 when Jeffrey Lee Pierce had re-formed the band. When I returned from Australia in 1996 I turned on the radio and heard he'd died. This track is from "Lucky Jim", their awesome swansong from '93. Jeffrey's music is always described as swamp rock. Personally, I've always had images of the desert flash on my inner cinema when I hear their music.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It ain't kung fu, it ain't J-horror, it ain't new wave Korean, it's WEIRDNESS from Asia's BACKYARD!

I've been into world-weird movies for years and years and I post about these movies frequently here on the blog. However, I often think that these posts are buried under the 10 tons of silly stuff, YouTube videos, and personal mumbo-jumbo that I clutter the Lejemorder blog with. Now, if we were talking well known stuff it wouldn't matter so much but a lot (maybe even most) of these films are unknown territory to most people, even to genre film fans (I wrote about Lady Terminator in 2004 and now 6 yrs later the film is finally starting to find its audience). And obviously I'd love for more people to know about these movies. Many of them aren't even mentioned anywhere else so in a feeble attempt to make them slightly more accessible and easy to find I've just opened a new blog where I'll post all my world-weird film posts. If you keep following this blog you don't really need to worry about the new one as I'll keep posting everything here as well. But check it out here anyway.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

For Your Height Only sequel - VHS

Ahhh, check this out: I won the uber very mega totally rare Swedish VHS release of THE IMPOSSIBLE KID on eBay. The film is the sequel to FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY (on Mondo Macabro DVD as For Your Height Only) starring Weng Weng!!! This film isn't out on proper dvd anywhere but only included in one of those 50 Films packs and I believe it's a "Public Domain" release in the US (which anywhere else would be called an illegal bootleg). However, I think this is the only video release of the film. If there are any other I'm not aware of them.

Oh, and don't ask!! I have absolutely NO idea as to why the Swedish company re-titled the film with the FIRST film's title!! O_O
In the words of Johnnie Cochran (i.e. the South Park version of him anyway): it does not make sense!!!!!

Oh, and if winning the tape wasn't awesome enough it seems nobody else discovered the auction cos I got it for a mere $15.50 bid! Yay!! Spiffy!!!

Elvis doing "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

This is a great laid back rendition of the old Johnny Cash track "Ghost Riders in the Sky" but I can't decide whether I think the video is fake or not! o_O The track is by the King, and the footage is of Elvis but is it spliced together using footage where Elvis did other tracks or is he really singing "Ghost Riders"??? You hardly see his lips follow the lyrics. Hmm.

The Redeemer (1976)

I watched THE REDEEMER (released as "Satan's Breed" on Danish VHS) the other day and it was certainly better than what some of the reviews I've read suggested. Unfortunately I have never been able to find this RARE Danish ex-rental but I got a nice dvd-r from Fred Adelman (thanks buddy!) sourced from an uncut US VHS. Jens Thomsen of Uncut forum tells me it's gonna get a reg. 1 DVD release soon so that's cool. Apparently it'll be a version spliced together using no less than five versions! O_O

Check a couple of old radio spots for the film here.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Scene from Death Bond

Nick Nicholson as a double-crossing sleaze-bag in DEATH BOND

Nick: "You know, I can't get over it".

Other guy: "What?"

Nick: "The striking resemblance between you and horse-shit!"

[the dialogue is from another scene though]

BARBARA ANNE CONSTABLE Interview with Andrew Leavold

Barbara Anne Constable (aka Lady Terminator) in August, 2010 with her kids, husband and Andrew Leavold

by Andrew Leavold
[originally published in Rave Magazine 03/08/10]

“First she mates…then she terminates!” the posters screamed outside New York City’s fleapit cinemas back in 1988, and for once it wasn’t just some Z film producer’s huckster hyperbole. One can only imagine the 42nd Street crowd’s reaction to bizarre Indonesian splatter-sci-fi Lady Terminator, with the plot of Arnie’s first Terminator grafted onto a supernatural horror tale of a South Seas Queen possessing an ‘American’ anthropologist.

Gorgeous, big-haired Barbara Anne Constable plays both Tania and the Queen’s unstoppable killing machine, mowing down hundreds of innocent bystanders with her AK-47, while - in an unexpected riff on the original Terminator - fornicating like a banshee. Breathtakingly surreal, hyper-sleazy and violent in equal doses, and crammed with one over-the-top action setpiece after another, the film is about as loopy as Asian exploitation gets.

London-born Barbara grew up a professional dancer in Australia whose leg injury took her to Hong Kong and into the world of modeling and fashion reporting. After a chance audition for an Indonesian film company, Barbara was offered the lead role in a local Terminator ripoff: no acting experience necessary, but physical endurance was a plus. The film’s cartoon-like Indian producer Ram Soraya “met me at the airport and held up a big wad of cash in US dollars to the customs officials when I arrived. So that set the scene.”

Without warning, Barbara was plunged into the Wild West chaos of Indonesian B-filmmaking. “Everybody were smoking joints on the set, people were off their nuts! I don’t know how they got anything done.” Barbara was expected to perform her own stunts, and as a dancer that didn’t pose a problem. Even so, her pain threshold was pushed to its limits. “I had so many near misses, like half car bodies flying and missing me by two centimetres! I nearly got killed so many times during that film…” After three grueling months of clinging onto car bonnets and being burnt by bullet squibs (“serious, second-degree burns!”), the final shot was Barbara kicking through a glass door. “The glass should have shattered into small pieces. It was a real pane of effing glass!”

Her ankle was skewered by a long shard of glass, just scraping past her Achilles tendon. Production was shut down for a month – with Barbara on full wages – while a military hospital stitched her up and she regained the ability to walk. “Then I shot that last scene, the candy glass broke the way it was supposed to, and we wrapped.

“Ram Soraya called me a couple of years later and said, ‘We want you to do a comedy.’ I said no. ‘I’ll pay you double?’ ‘No, I’m not coming back. I’ll never get out otherwise!’”

Barbara accepted her role –and her fate – as Lady Terminator, on the understanding that the film would never be screened outside Indonesia. Two years later, Ram Soraya sent Barbara a Betamax copy – and a press clipping the New York Times. “I was like, ‘You’re fucking kidding me?’ I was mortified.” Even more disturbing was the ‘possession scene’, in which a brutally primitive CGI snake slithers its way into her – ahem – bikini bottoms.

“They wanted me to fall onto a bed. I was tied up, and they wanted me to look like I was possessed. That was the scene. They didn’t say, ‘Afterwards we’re going to put this friggin’ snake thing that goes up your vagina…’!”

Is Barbara still mortified, I wanted to know. “I’ve seen it since with friends over a few drinks, and just laughed all the way through it. It’s a crack-up! People were like, ‘That’s YOU? That’s weird!’ I know!”

Barbara Anne Constable introduces Lady Terminator at Tribal Theatre on Friday 6th August, followed by a Q&A with Trash Video’s Andrew Leavold

Thanks to Andrew for letting me post this interview (and also BIG thanks for the super cool news he brought me today. News about a certain VHS. More on that later!).

For the original posting of this interview go HERE.