Monday, January 12, 2009

crappy zombies. killer fish. ordering chinese. BADA BING!!!

Ahh, not too shabby a weekend film wise! :-) On Friday I received a parcel from a very nice store in China and ALSO a parcel from some friendly folks in the Czech Republic! How did we ever survive without online shopping!?

I FINALLY got the two new Bruno Mattei zombie films that he made just before he passed away; ISLAND OF THE LIVING DEAD and ZOMBIES: THE BEGINNING (in accordance with all good Mattei logic BEGINNING is of course the sequel to ISLAND! LOL X 10). I also bought Joe D'Amato's killer-fish movie DEEP BLOOD (which doesn't exist on dvd anywhere else). I'm told they also have a rare Italian killer-bear film on DVD in the Czech Republic but the title escapes me now and it's only got French dubbing anyway.

And finally... da da daahhh... I ordered, paid for, waited for, and have now received the amazing... the deadly... the complete... box release of every motherfucken episode of "The Sopranos"!!! Bada bing, bada bum!! Capisce, paesano?

I ordered the box from a SPIFFY store in downtown China. They have quite a good selection of complete box sets (all original releases of course) at prices where you think "Hmm, should I buy a kebab and a lemonade or should I order a complete box set from China", LOL.