Sunday, October 25, 2009


I thought we'd seen it all with all the long dark-haired spooky girl films from Japan... but then comes this one along: a dark haired spooky girl... who... comes... outta... your... loo... arrrrggghhhhh

Crazy Japanese people, haha. Believe it or not this film is really called PHANTOM OF THE TOILET and it's Chiaki Kuriyama (you know, the lethal school girl killer chick from KILL BILL part 1. I haven't watched the film and may never get hold of it as the only English friendly release, believe it or not, is the OOP video-cd from Hong Kong (shown here). It's not even listed on IMDb which surprises me considering the legions of trendy fans of J-horror. However, someone wrote a review here.
Check out the screen grabs as well. I must admit it doesn't look too exciting but, hey, you never know.

And welcome to new subber Sehnzeleid. Spiffy blog there, dude! Basement of ghoulish decadence.