Sunday, October 24, 2010

EATER (Stuart Gordon, 2008)

I watched the first episode of FEAR ITSELF (i.e. "Masters of Horror" season 3) tonight and I can't say I'm disappointed! The episode is called "Eater" and is directed by Stuart Gordon, and obviously it's pointless to tell you he also directed the legendary RE-ANIMATOR in 1985 cos you already know that. One of my all time fave films! If "Eater" is an indicator of the quality of FEAR ITSELF then I'm certainly in for a treat cos this episode is great!

The story takes place at a small police station during one snowy night. A handful of police officers are asked to look after a particularly dangerous prisoner until the next morning. But at some point the main character, a young female rookie cop, discovers that maybe the other cops aren't what she thinks they are. Not a fortunate situation since the guy in the cell (or where ever he is) is a Cajun "chef" with an appetite for human flesh. LOL. Without revealing too much let me just hint at the ending may be surprisingly downbeat! Not a bad thing in my book. :D
The only extra feature is a five minute interview with Stuart Gordon but at least he talks about how much he loves horror. xD

You can take your other holidays and shove 'em!

HALLOWEEN is where it's at, man! xD. And this is the weekend before the big event so here's a cool trailer for the zombie flick that started it all! Hmm, should I tell you which one it is, it's not like they mention it in the trailer (a few hundred times, LOL).