Friday, April 8, 2011

Could you just shut that door please. The draft is getting annoying.

One thing that drives me nuts is drama queens on message boards who keep threatening to slam the door over the years. Sometimes they'll even slam the door. Sometimes they'll disappear for a while without a sound. And sometimes they'll just stop talking about it for a while. BUT THEY ALWAYS COME BACK ... AND THEY ALWAYS START THREATENING TO LEAVE AGAIN!!

If I had a dime for every time *someone* on Dvdmaniacs has said they were gonna leave I would have a whole pile of damn dimes! Whether they stay or leave is fine by me but it's becoming tiresome to listen to over and over again. I feel like that episode of BOTTOM where Eddie Hitler says to Richard "Green slime in one ear, gren slime out the other ear, over and over again!" (or something to that effect). Stop, just, please, stop! >_<

The original HEADBANGERS BALL - revisited!!!

Ahh, happy days! I miss the old Headbangers Ball! (from UK/Euro MTV*). Back in the day I don't think I watched one single episode without thinking Vanessa Warwick was embarrassing but in retrospect she was actually pretty cool (and she was on MTV and I wasn't so who's the real douche here, eh. LOL). This clip contains two segments with SLAYER. I actually remember watching the first one but I have no memory of the second one. I wish someone had full episodes and would upload them somewhere.

- an old intro fra '93:

*from before MTV decided that every little shit country should have their own version. What the fuck do we need a Danish MTV for!? Gimme back the original UK/Euro version!