Monday, June 23, 2008

It doesn't really concern you but

I'd slept exactly an hour and a half when the mailman banged on my door. "Another pile" he uttered and disappeared again. I live on the third floor (or "fourth floor" if you're American) and that annoys him greatly. Usually it's really none of your business what I get thru my door but, hell, just this once then: First up was a dvd box set from our friends in the high quality department; Brentwood! The box is entitled "Blood Bath 2" and I bought it because it contains LEGACY OF SATAN which I've wanted to watch ever since someone wrote about it in some Danish fanzine five or six years ago. I don't think it received a very good review, it is of course utter trash, but I was quite eager to see it back then (but never got hold of it as it was one of those films from that big pile of films that only use to be available on very rare Greek ex-rental tapes. In Europe anyway) and now that it's here I wasn't gonna miss it again. Needless to say, I'm sure the picture quality sucks major ass but screw that, I wanna see it. The other films in the box (which if nothing else has a pretty cool cover, blood soaked of course) are JACK THE RIPPER GOES WEST (!!), THE BRIDE, and BLOOD SONG. THE BRIDE is of course reviewed in an old dusty issue of STAY SICK! (I forget which issue. You figure it out). Next up in the pile was EL CHARRO DE LAS CALAVERAS (aka Riders Of The Skulls) from Mexico 1966! I made bids for this rare Mexican lobby card for the film (cos it looked goood) and althought I unfortunately lost the auction obviously I had to see the film anyway. The description from the place where I bought it reads: "Very rare maniacal Mexican horror, complete with a werewolf, a Zorro character, skull monsters and a lot of atmosphere...[ ]" How could you NOT wanna watch something like that! LOL.

Then we get to the music part of the pile: Pussy Galore: "Maximum Penetration" - I said MUSIC part of the pile, not hardcore porn part, haha. Pussy Galore was a pretty good garage band from the 80s. Jon Spencer (of Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion) was in the group. I'm really thrilled about this tape, it's very rare by now and did I find an old beat up second hand copy you ask? Nooo, I found a brand new, never played, copy from an eBay record store in the US. Ahh, God bless eBay (no, I'm not being blasphemous it's just a phrase). And from the same store: a big flat parcel containing 1) Pussy Galore: "Live in the Red" LP, 2) Buzzcocks: "Live at the Roxy Club, April '77" LP, and finally, 3) a Barry Adamson/Anita Lane 12"!! Ahh, Anita Lane! I remember listening to an Anita Lane radio interview while I was living in Melbourne in the early 90 and she'd just recently had a baby and during the interview the baby kept crying and she kept interrupting the interview saying: "hold on a second", LOL. Anyway, that's it. I'm outta here for today. My holidays are over but today I discovered I miscalculated the amount of days that I have left so actually I've got another seven days left I can use. I think I'll just ring various official people tomorrow and tell 'em I'm having another week off (from being unemployed). I'm sure there's difficult phone conversations ahead but it's not like I'm prone to not call 'em up anyway. If anybody out there in blog/internet/cyberspace land has a vacancy for a brilliant writer then just gimme a buzz (and I'll tell him, haha).