Friday, May 6, 2022

Quick return to COMIX gutter

Back in March I posted about having ordered Robin Bougie's Gutter Hunter #1. It was released late last year, and lo and behold the editor is already cranking out another issue!! Amazing!!! And these issues are by no means low on page count or low on well researched and informative text either. The first one was a 100 page issue, and I think it was mentioned on fb that this one is also a 100 page mofo.
12 dollars + postage.

I don't know if FAB Press is going to sell these as well, but even if they are I'm not going to order it from them. Last time I had to cough up 44 (forty-four!) dollars in total for No. 1, thanks to FAB Press insisting on gluing a customs form on the envelope. I wrote and asked them not to but obviously they simply haaad to slap that fucker on the envelope. Living in the EU meant I got slapped with extra fees in the form of VAT and postal service fee. In total: 44 dollars!!! Anyhoo, it's water under the bridge and I just hope they next one goes thru without any hassles.  
EDIT: I ordered this issue directly from Robin's webshop and mentioned the import problem in the comments' box, and he promised to send it in a plain brown envelope. Way to go, Robin! 

Order from Robin Bougie's online shop here.

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