Thursday, December 17, 2009

So awesome my eyes will bleed

Okay okay, maybe I'm overreacting here but I'm pretty bloody happy about having finally won the two tapes shown on top here; TOOTHLESS VAMPIRES and MY NEIGHBOURS ARE PHANTOMS. I also got LADY VAMPIRE (aka Miss Magic) which is a film I didn't know about until yesterday but after having read about it and seen the trailer (which I posted a couple of posts back) I'm looking forward to that one as well quite a bit. Man, I can't even begin to tell you how long it is since I first read Tim Paxton's review of TOOTHLESS VAMPIRES in the US zine Naked! Screaming! Terror! #4/5: the Cinemasian Special edition (well, actually I CAN tell you as it was 1991! Haha).

Blood's A Rover (2009)

Lissen hepcats, I read old crime litterateur. You know, from the days of pulp mags and cheap pocket books, that kinda shit. Not much new stuff holds my interest really. Why would I wanna read about Swedish policemen with dandruff, ex-wives, and grown up women's lib daughters? Or even worse, why would I wanna read femi-crime books? Fuck no! I want stuff from the hardboiled days of yesteryear, when a main character wasn't a cop cos most likely he'd gotten hisself booted off the force for drinking, or being a nuisance, or simply too much of a renegade loner, or being a renegade loner and a pain in the ass nuisance. I want my private dicks to know what to do with women and stiffs, and... well, uh, rambling again. What's this leading up to you're wondering; Well, one of the few present day writers I do read is that cocksucker James Ellroy. If you only read one present day writer (or just one writer in total!), he's the one you should DEVOUR!

I just discovered this very recent YouToobe spot he's done for his new book, Blood's A Rover. Check it out, cabron!