Sunday, December 9, 2007

Danish blood, Turkish heart

Today I received even more more Turkish horror flicks on DVD from Bill of Onar Films in la belle Greece. This time I got GEN which Bill describes as a 'Turkish giallo'! He says it's gory too. Woo-hoo. And I got BEYZA'NIN KADINLARI, dead policemen, a serial killer, and what have you (hopefully great fun).
Non-Turkish: Then just before ten pm I went into Block Buster and found some cheap ones: A BITTERSWEET LIFE by Kim Jee-Woon. BON COP BAD COP (aka Good Cop Bad Cop) which I bought due to the simple fact that I've always been fascinated by Canada being this one country with two cultures, English and French, and the film deals with two cops, an English Canadian and a French Canadian. HOUSE OF BLOOD by Ittenbach. I have read zilch about it but the cover promises splatter galore! And lastly THE LOST BATTALION about a battalion that got lost (ha ha) during the Great War. Could be good. But then again it could be a piece o' shit. Oh well, they were all cheap (which doesn't help much since my bank account is in the red... and it's only the bloody 8th of December, argh!!). Oh, and I forgot to buy toilet paper. Bummer.

PS: Yes, the headline is a lame take on Morrissey's 'Irish blood, English heart'.