Thursday, June 19, 2008


I bought an Einstürzende Neubauten cassette tape the other day. It's an album called "2 x 4" and it came out in 1984 on ROIR CASSETTES. And that IS the correct name of the "record" company. They were a record label that only put out cassette tapes! And only dub and punk/noisy music!! The album contains a recording of Neubauten live on stage. It's faantastic! I could kick myself in the head for not having got into this band yrs ago. There's one moment on the tape where Blixa Bargeld (the lead singer) sounds like he's got something stuck in his throat and he goes "aarrrggghhhh". Amazing! I want more.

(PS: No, you don't have to trawl eBay for the next three years in order to find a copy of this tape! The album is now out on cd and ROIR has long since become a cd + vinyl label).