Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ahhh, come to papa!

I have lost count of how many times I've lost the Ocean Shores VHS release of BRUTAL SORCERY. But now... NOW... I've finally won it on eBay. Surprisingly enough I was actually the only bidder. Someone suggested it's because everyone else who wants it has already got a copy now. Haha. I'm no so sure about that, it's still a quite rare tape. Maybe it was partly because the tape was listed on eBay UK. Anyway, I'm certainly thrilled to have won it (the picture in this post is from my scan archive, it's not the actual copy that I won).

The Ramones versus Spider-man

Ay, caramba!!! Check out this cool and rare Ramones Spider-man video!

Damn dreams!

I hardly never ever remember my dreams. This one I did.

I was at home where I grew up (and where my dad still lives). Three big men where in the lounge room torturing my dad who was tied to a chair. I was eating my lunch at the nearby dinner table. In the dream I thought to myself I'd just keep eating my lunch and then do something later. If I said anything they'd just jump on me as well. Then there was a time jump, they had finished with my dad who was now unconscious in the chair and they were also eating at the same table as I was. They were sitting on the opposite side. After a while they fell asleep. I looked at my dad who, in his unconscious state, had turned his had and I could now see his horribly scarred face. I got out a old-fashioned curved knife. I hesitated, I worried what if one of them woke up before I finished. But then I jumped up on the table and took on the biggest and meanest of the lot who was sitting on the left (from me) and cut his throat - and then went on and ditto'ed the other two. Then another place and time jump. I was going to the movies. There was a staircase downwards and a lot of video tapes, most of them sell-thru tapes, were scattered all over the stairs. I knew I needed to get them all otherwise they'd be lost so I pulled out two big plastic bags and one big see-thru garbage bag and began to collect the tapes. I got them all into the bags but then two people I knew arrived and met me halfway down at the stairs. We spoke for a bit and I put down the plastic bags. At some point I wanted to pick up the bags again but discovered that the garbage bag had gone. I was in shock. Where were my tapes. I thought about how they probably were sell-thru's most of them but there's always the chance of finding that one rare ex-rental tape. I wanted to get my garbage bag back from whatever creep stole it and began to search the building - but to no avail. And then I woke up. I can see how the second part of my dream has to do with my real life... but the first part??? O_O

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