Monday, August 9, 2010

It ain't kung fu, it ain't J-horror, it ain't new wave Korean, it's WEIRDNESS from Asia's BACKYARD!

I've been into world-weird movies for years and years and I post about these movies frequently here on the blog. However, I often think that these posts are buried under the 10 tons of silly stuff, YouTube videos, and personal mumbo-jumbo that I clutter the Lejemorder blog with. Now, if we were talking well known stuff it wouldn't matter so much but a lot (maybe even most) of these films are unknown territory to most people, even to genre film fans (I wrote about Lady Terminator in 2004 and now 6 yrs later the film is finally starting to find its audience). And obviously I'd love for more people to know about these movies. Many of them aren't even mentioned anywhere else so in a feeble attempt to make them slightly more accessible and easy to find I've just opened a new blog where I'll post all my world-weird film posts. If you keep following this blog you don't really need to worry about the new one as I'll keep posting everything here as well. But check it out here anyway.