Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey gringo, es una pistola violenta multo bene a una... eh, on a Friday!!

This is a very cool trailer. Check it out, paesano.

Onar Films succumb to evil empire

There's now a Facebook fan group for Bill Barounis' Onar Films video label. Obviously, Facebook is aka the dark side and I try and stay clear of the 6 billion pointless fan groups there but head of the group, Fred Anderson of Ninja Dixon, assures me there'll be info and useful stuff on Onar's releases so I'm giving it a chance, LOL. Also it helped he made me admin and promised me 5 yrs of free beer and movies, not to mention dates with his blonde Swedish girlfriends. Or is most of that more paranoid illusions created by evil personalities in my head. Hmmm. I hope not. Haha. You can check it out here.

Also, check out this interview with Bill on the blog Bad Turkish Movies.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The "FORGOTTEN WARRIORS" store is now open!!! Awesomely brilliant tapes you ought to pick up!

The last couple of years I've bought quite a few films twice - and sometimes even in three different versions from different countries. But everything's piling up here. I can almost see the tape piles threaten to cave in on me and smother me in my sleep. So I've decided to offer some of these extra tapes for sale. There's nothing wrong with them, I just don't really need three different copies of THE BIONIC BOY if you know what I mean, haha. So from now on I'll be putting some tapes up for grabs from time to time. Hmm, altho I guess I shouldn't use that term cos they're not for free mind you. I paid dearly for some of them and so will you. xD.

Oh, and did I mention it's mostly trashy Filipino flicks and some AWESOME Indonesian stuff!! And that it's over on my Filipino blog. Go here.

Love songs are awesome

You need to check out this beautiful love song. It's a cover version played on Ukulele.

The original is on YouTube but unfortunately I can't embed it so go watch it here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's not a flying head... it's... huh...?!?!?!

Yesterday, one of my readers, Henry, asked me about a film clip from the Mondo Mababro special on Indian movies of what seems to be an insane Bollywood film (at least I think it's a Bollywood film) and I'm afraid to tell you the truth no I didn't know the film. Boo-hoo. Fortunately my almost-Danish Cinehound friend Jola from Germany, who is an expert on all things Indian, did a little digging and soon after came up with the right answer: The film is AMMORU (Telugu language, India 1995; Director: Kodi Ramakrishna). You can find it on IMDb here. Jola says it's entertaining but she also adds it's not his masterpiece. That would be this one: DEVI. Naturally I also had to bug Jola about the film's avability and to my surprise AMMORU is actually available not only on DVD but it even comes with English subs. She also says it comes with crappy picture quality but at least it's available and you can get it here. The price is Rs 375.00 which is about 9 dollars US before postage. I'm gonna get this when I get some dough that's for sure! xD.

Needless to say big thank-yous go out to Jola for her help!



Text later.

Upcoming kung fu movies from Global

If you've read some of my old posts recently you know I've been talking quite a bit about the rare and unreleased (to homecinema anyway) Hong Kong/Thailand Lo Lieh film BIG BOSS PART 2 which Naushad Mohamed from Global Video had a print of until very recently.

A while ago a forum member that I know from forum wrote to him and asked about the film and was told that he sold off the print to a cinema in Zambia. On the Kung Fu Cinema forum he has stated that he's kept a copy of the film (in one format or another, I'm not sure if it's a mere DVD-R or what) and I was hoping he'd be willing to sell either DVD-R copies of the film or even put it out as a proper DVD. Well, no such luck. He mentioned today on KFC that if he puts it out it won't be for several years.

MARTIAL MATES aka Black Dragon River

However, I asked Naushad which movies he is planning to put out in the near future and here's a list of upcoming titles. They're all taken from his 35mm prints.

Titles to be released soon:
MARTIAL MATES aka Black Dragon River
GAME OF DEATH (Ramon Zamora)

And later in the year/possibly next year:

And these English dubbed SB films:

Global Video is located in South Africa and is run by Naushad Mohamed. From what I'm told Naushad Mohamed inherited a lot of films from his father-in-law who owned one of the biggest cinemas in S.A. and it's from this huge collection that he gets his rare prints.

Global Video is quite well known among fans of Italian spaghetti westerns as Naushad has put out many of these titles on DVD. Titles that are rare and/or haven't even been released to homecinema anywhere else. Global has also put out a number of other films but in posts on various forums Mohamed has kept stating that he prefers to put out spaghetti westerns as they're much more profitable than for instance Filipino films. He's always made it clear he's in this as a businessman, not as a film fan.

Actually, at some stage he was going to go put out a whole line of very rare Filipino films (one was Bobby A. Suarez' COSA NOSTRA ASIA, starring Chris Mitchum, which has never been released anywhere in English) but he cancelled the line after only three films (BIONIC BOY, DYNAMITE JOHNSON: BIONIC BOY 2, and THEY CALL HER CLEOPATRA WONG) because they didn't sell very well (he stated at one point they only sold 300 copies each). There's been speculation (and debate) among fans on message boards as to whether his DVDs (real factory printed DVDs, not DVDR) are bootlegs or not but Mohamed maintains they are legal releases as he has bought the rights for them in South Africa.

I bought the two BIONIC BOY films and CLEO WONG from him and they're pretty cool to have, not least since they haven't been released anywhere else on DVD. The picture quality isn't all that great; I don't know if he has a machine to copy from 35mm himself or he pays someone else to do it but the DVDs look like they've been transferred in the most crude way possible. When you watch the DVDs it's exactly like watching a film print with all its flaws that come from having been played quite a bit in cinemas. I guess somehow it has a certain charm.

The DVD covers are pretty basic and there's absolutely no extras on the discs. Global have no website as, according to Naushad Mohamed, nobody uses that in South Africa! So it's actually a little difficult to figure out how many titles are available or not.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Flesh & Blood... Compendium!

Niiice!!! I received a never used copy of Harvey Fenton's legendary book Flesh & Blood Compendium today! The book is a huge compendium of the best stuff from the first ten issues of Fenton's film fanzine/magazine of the same title. This is indeed brilliant as the book as been out of print for quite a while and go for steep prices. Big thank-yous go out to Henschjell of for letting me have it for what I'd reckon is peanuts compared to what it often goes for on eBay. If you can find it on eBay that is! I did a 30 sec. check and all I found was issue #5 of the magazine and the "buy now" price was more than what Henschjell wanted! Just brilliant! :D

From FAB Press' site (which Harvey Fenton runs):
The Cult Magazine that Boldly Strode into the Dark Heart of the Exploitation Film Jungle!

Over the course of ten seminal issues in magazine format and a hugely successful book format edition, Flesh & Blood became established as the leading brand name in cutting-edge film criticism during the latter years of the Twentieth Century. Always one step ahead of the rest, Flesh & Blood featured the world's best writers reporting on the most important sex, horror and exploitation cinema in the world. Flesh & Blood Compendium is simply The Best of The Best.

Ground-Breaking Articles on eye-opening subjects including: Prosthetic Sex Films, RealiTV and Death Film, Pier Paolo Pasolini and the Marquis de Sade, Jack the Ripper, Postmodern Slasher Movies, British Trash Films from the 70s, Charles Manson, Rape/Revenge movies, African Witchdoctors, French vampires, Japanese Ultra Violence and Belgian artcore...

Interviews with cinematic legends including: Russ Meyer, Joe D'Amato, Jess Franco, Tinto Brass, Bigas Luna, Marco Ferreri, Fred Williamson, Coffin Joe, Peter Jackson, Gerard Damiano, Freddie Francis and many more!

All this topped off by a never-ending reviews section covering films that can't be read about anywhere else, and all delivered with the Flesh & Blood guarantee of top-quality, enthusiastic, accessible and intelligent critical writing.
# Pre-Postmodern Slasher Seeks Ironic Teen for 'Meaningful' Termination
# The Eye In The Portal of Hell - Coffin Joe interview
# Frustration
# Jacking Off the Censor
# Jack The Ripper on video
# Marketing of the Contemporary British Horror Film
# Thanks for the Mammaries - Russ Meyer interview
# Deadlier than the Male
# Pasolini, Salò, Sade
# The Vulgar World of Tinto Brass
# Dissecting the Human Condition - Nacho Cerdá interview
# Necrophilic Art
# Cerdá on Love, Death and Life - Genesis set report
# The British Trash Files
# Dust Devil, Tarkovsky and God - Richard Stanley interview
# The Devil in Mr. Damiano
# The Devil Made Her Do It!
# The Operation
# Gina Velour - pictorial
# don't make God the villain - Scooter McCrae interview
# Freddie Francis interview
# of vampires and the gods of Greece - Harry Kümel interview
# I Know You're Watching Me
# Cafe Flesh 2
# Beyond Ultra Violence
# Marco Ferreri
# The Early Years - Peter Jackson interview
# Mario Bava's Bleak World View - The Nihilism of Rabid Dogs
# The Making of Exposé
# Prosthetic Sex
# The Final Girl in Folktale and Horror Film
# The Erotic Obsessions of Bigas Luna
# A Different Point of View - Jess Franco interview
# Coming to a Fork in the Road - Frank LaLoggia interview
# Flesh & Blood - The First Ten Years
# Fantasy, Reality and Bodily Fluids - Behind the Green Door
# They Sucked His Brains Out!
# William Burroughs
# Charlie's Family - Jim Van Bebber interview
# Dead Men Don't Rape
# Gangstas, Grier & Golf - Fred Williamson interview
# A Legacy of Terror - Norman J. Warren interview
# More Blood!
# Michael Ninn's Sex and Beyond
# Postcard From Colonel Kurtz - RealiTV and the Death Film
# Michele Soavi interview
# The Films of Alain Robbe-Grillet
# Joe D'Amato Talks Dirty
# Flesh & Blood Film Reviews

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Screen grabs from the new HONG KONG GODFATHER dvd

Here's a bunch of screen grabs from the new spiffy release of HONG KONG GODFATHER that all fans of violent HK triad films have been impatiently waiting for! xD. The scans come courtesy of the two Ians; Ian Jane and Ian F of Dvdmaniacs.

The old bootleg. Cut and dubbed in Mandarin but until the new version the only way to watch the film.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bruce is a many splendoured thing

Note: This post was originally only about the Bruceploitation book but if you wanna read about TURKISH PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC and beyond then go to the comments section!

Whoo-hoo! There's a book on Bruceploitaion on its way!! How truly awesome is that - well, if you're a fan of exploitation cinema anyway (and that would be me, LOL). There's no final release date nor price yet. It's listed on Amazon UK for pre-order but according to the two authors (based in the UK) neither the date nor price mentioned on Amazon is correct. It'll probably be cheaper and get released sooner.

RM Films International demand Dvdmaniacs ban members

My most recent post from yesterday is about the Russ Meyer Collection box. Incidentally, there's been a long running thread called "How Come Russ Meyer Films Are Poorly Distributed on DVD?" over on the film forum DVDMANIACS (aka AV Maniacs). The thread is dealing with the fact that Russ Meyer's films haven't been re-released in proper remastered versions and that all that's available are DVD releases pulled from old laserdisc or VHS masters. Out of the US and UK DVDs the UK ones (which I talked about yesterday) are by far the better ones.

However, one of the things that has been talked incisively about in that thread is how Russ Meyer was diagnosed with Alzheimer's during the last few years of his life and that scrupleless caretakers took over his estate (Meyers didn't have any family) and had him sign over his film rights and all to them. Now, obviously I wasn't a fly on a wall in Meyer's mansion so my info is from what I've read on the Internet but I believe it's well known knowledge by now and that this is how the situation is. These people now run RM Films International and are behind the Russ Meyer DVDs in the US.

Anyhoo, then yesterday these fine people sent Dvdmaniacs a letter demanding the people in charge ban a list of members who have been critically vocal about RM Films and that posts be deleted. Yeah, wauw! What douchebags!! You can read the letter here (post #170) and follow the case. Today Dvdmaniacs mainman Ian Jane sent them a letter which is also posted in the thread (post #219). Maybe these people ought to consider working with Meyer's fans instead of against them - and if they put out proper versions they wouldn't have to be bothered with negative criticism over the old crappy ones. Just a thought. ;-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"If you want wild women fast..."

About 18 months ago I discovered that the über cool Russ Meyer Collection box from the UK had been reduced to only £43 on Amazon UK. With an added fee for postage it all came to a "whooping" £45! That's only around $70 for 18 awesome Russ Meyer films! And on top of this we're not talking crappy public domain releases (a format that doesn't exist in the UK or Europe anyway) but proper DVD releases.

And in addition to being proper releases I'm also told they're way better than the reg. 1 releases. And they contains extras which the US discs don't. And the US discs are way way more expensive. So £45 seemed like a VERY good deal. And it was. But get this: I've just discovered that now you can get the same box for... £18!! That's 28 dollars (or 155 DKK). Arggh. If you have the slightest interest in cool psychotronic movies I strongly suggest you get hold of this ASAP!

John Waters once described Russ Meyers' film FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! as the best move ever made (basically it's about three über-cool/über-tough chicks who drive about somewhere in the mid-1960s and kick other peoples ass, or have sex with 'em, or kill 'em, or both! Basically have fun, listen to way cool music, and look mean! Whadda movie!That film alone is worth the $28 dollar price tag!!! In fact all Russ Meyers' four "Roughies" movies (Faster Pussycat, Lorna, Motorpsycho, and Mudhoney) are in the box. Get it here.

PS: Yes, they are PAL DVDs so if you're in the US you'll need to make sure your DVD player can play that format (or play them on your computer).

PS: The German title for FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! translates to The Satan Chicks from Titsville (Die Satansweiber von Tittfield). Haha.

Oi, Danish ham, I'm talking to you!

I have a feeling my Danish section of this blog is so secret that even my Danish and Scandinavian readers either forget to check for new posts or don't even realise it exists. The link is located in the bar on the right. Or click here.

The (zombie) South Shall Rise Again

"Curse of the Cannibal Confederates"?? More like curse of the zombie confederates!! LMAO.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everybody said I shouldn't do this...

...but I did.

- Bought PIRANHA II: The Spawning on DVD that is, LOL. I haven't watched it yet tho. I wonder what will happen. xD.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

KILLDOZER VS NATURE - or: It was awesome! yeah, man, it blew me away

This is the band Killdozer (yes they took their name from the highly enjoyable movie KILLDOZER about a bulldozer that... kills people, haha). I first learnt about the band from reading an interview with them in an early issue of the old punk fanzine Moshable when I lived in Baron's Keep in Baron's Court around 1990. They were among my five fave bands for years and years. Their lyrics were thee best! Music for psycho killers. xD

This is an awesome fan made video for the track "Man Vs. Nature" (from the "12 Point Buck" LP):

On the television, a ship was sinking
it seemed so real, but it was just a movie
made by Irwin Allen (my, what a relief)
and on this ship was Ernest Borgnine,
brave in the face of certain death
he played a cop on a pleasure cruise
along with his wife, an ex-prostitute
Shelley Winters, she was on the ship
she was good, too- but she died
as did Gene Hackman, a preacher,
who gave his life so that others could live
he died shouting "how many more lives?!"

On the screen, the city crumbled
so realistic, but but yet another film
by the master of realism, mr. Irwin Allen
no less a man than Lorne Green, and mr. George Kennedy,
risked their lives to save the lives of strangers
their selflessness was moving
Chuck Heston was in the movie too- but he was just a ham.

On the tv, a building in flames
it was "Towering Inferno" by Irwin Allen
O.J. Simpson led the cast
in a man-against-nature fight-for-survival
it was awesome!
yeah, man, it blew me away.

Fuck today's youth! This is how it's supposed to be.

Incidentally I got the clip via Norton Records' blog, Kicksville 65. I'm sure you know Norton is run by Miriam Linna, the original drummer for The Cramps.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mail on Sunday

Yesterday, I returned to Denmark after having spent 4 days in another Scandinavian country (yes, I'd been to Jylland once again) and found Fred Anderson's film KRAFTVERK 3714 in my mailbox. Yay! Thanks, Fred! I also got the new Fangoria, boring stuff from the dole office, and some chick's fashion magazine. If it were a question of a wrong house number but she lives in a completely different street - with a street name that sounds nothing like the name of the street I live on.

Anyhoo, I'm definitely looking forward to watching Fred's film. Check this review on Magnus' cool Cinezilla blog (since "Magnus" won't tell me who he really is [because he's some hotshot telly producer on Swedish TV] he's just gonna have to live with being "Magnus" on this blog. Most people in Sweden are called Magnus anyway).

Not coming to a screen near you...

...but it would've been pretty cool. xD.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's grrrim up north!!

After a few yrs in London in the late 80s I went back to the north in '91. Soon after I taped this off MTV and the rest is fanzine history (i.e. I used the title for my bedroom publishing label, LOL). xD.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Turkish zombies

This is from the new Turkish low budget zombie movie ADA : ZOMBILERIN DUGUNU aka The Island: Wedding of Zombies. Gokay from Ciko mentioned on Cinehound that it's just been released on DVD in Turkey (the DVD includes English subs!!).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 minutes from THE BIG BOSS PART 2 now on YouTube!

Much to my surprise the guy from Global in South Africa has now posted a 10 minute clip from Chan Chue's "sequel" to THE BIG BOSS (starring Bruce Lee) entitled THE BIG BOSS PART 2 (Tang Shan Er Xiong) from 1976!!!

The film stars Lo Lieh and Bruce Le (and shouldn't be confused with other movies that use the same title in some territories). As I reported recently I was informed by an member that the South African video label guy sold off his print to a cinema in Zambia. When he put up some DVDs for sale at the kung fu forum KFC recently I asked him if I could buy a DVD or DVDR of the film. I didn't think he'd be selling copies of it since he'd sold off the print and sure enough he said no. So why he's posted the clip on YouTube... is anybody's guess. I so wish he'd just put out the film on a cheap DVD. Or even just a DVDR would do. I just wanna watch the damn film, goddammit!! It's bruceploitation!!

So check the 10 minute clip posted on top. As I've mentioned before the Global owner is sitting on a huge pile of film prints which he inherited from his father-in-law who owned one of the biggest cinemas in South Africa and throughout the last few years he's been putting out DVDs of what he reckons are the most profitable films. Mostly spaghetti westerns.

The DVDs are directly off the film prints, no restoring or anything. The Global guy isn't a film historian or film lover, or doing it for the sake of preserving or saving films but for the money. So no dough is spent on restoring anything which you'll see when you watch the clip. It's a quite scratched clip but I'm not an anal DVD geek so quite frankly I don't give a flying fuck about a few scratches here and there (and the fact that the print is English dubbed). Just gimme the bloody film. Now!

The old trailer which I've posted several times already:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Danish ex-rentals galore

Remember to keep checking Hans-Jørgen's awesome Danish ex-rental covers on our Facebook Ex-rental group DEVAG's page. Go here.

[Click covers for bigger size]

Hong Kong Godfather finally here. Almost.

The violent triad HK movie HONG KONG GODFATHER is fanally being released on DVD (April 27th). Yay! Spiffy!! Ian F. has done an incisive rundown of the new disc here (including comparisons with the old Pan Media bootleg as to what was cut from that disc). And read my old post about the film here.

PS: the YouTube clips are from the old bootleg or an old video tape.

"No Blood No Surrender" star Palito passes away

Unfortunate news on the star from the Filipino RAMBO remake on my Filipino blog.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jumping Ash (Hong Kong, 1976)

I've just watched Josephine Siao & Leung Po-Chi's entry to the Hong Kong new wave genre JUMPING ASH from 1976! And what a gritty and awesome movie it is. The copy I watched is the Greek VHS which is sourced from an old and very scratched print but actually it seems right that it's so worn! Brings it down on the gritty street level you'll find in the movie. I don't know which release this YouTube clip is from but it actually looks too good. It looks too much like a film! No kidding.

By the way, when I use the term "Hong Kong new wave" it's not a reference to what kung fu message boards and most other Western film sites about Asian films refer to as "Hong Kong new wave" which is basically just any film made after John Woo's A BETTER TOMORROW and EVERY film from the 1980s and thru to 1997. The term New Wave was used by film scholars/reviewers in Hong Kong to describe a bunch of films made by first time directors in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Directors who made gritty films about HK and life in the then crown colony. You can read about it on Wiki - just remember Wiki is by no means perfect and you'll find that some yoyo simply haaad to add John Woo to the list of new wave directors probably because they thought it inconceivable that something as important as the NW genre would exist without the director who "saved" the HK film (at least in the eyes of action fans in the West). Anyway, if you wanna expand your HK film knowledge to more than just Shaw Brothers and heroic bloodshed then get hold of some of these films. And you could certainly start off with a much worse choice than JUMPING ASH.

Knetan's review from "Oh So Good..." site:
Headed by directorial rookies Josephine Siao (award winning actress in Summer Snow) and Leung Po-Chi (Hong Kong 1941), this gritty, documentary-esque Hong Kong cop thriller has the marks of stuff seen before and since. But thanks to a keen eye for placing the narrative amongst the Hong Kong people and the world they would be familiar with, Jumping Ash immerses well. Ga Lun is Callan Leong, whose cop life and straight line of administrating the law gets a bit blurred at times. Working in the Kowloon Walled City for instance, a little corruption, immoral attitude and bribes solves crimes in a society that's heading downhill. The big fish in the pond is drug king Tung (Nick Lam) however and the two killers from Amsterdam (Michael Chan and Chen Sing). The former protects Tung, the other wants him dead and the closer Callan gets to Tung, the closer he gets to co-operation with the opposite side....

Placing their camera quite effectively in the midst of environments alive with activity, the realism of Jumping Ash isn't a fashion statement at all. It adds to a sense of doom, grit, danger and the obvious social commentary about the struggles of the outnumbered cops. There are equally important moments of lightheartedness such as one scene with a stakeout at a brothel and Callan is both the clichéd movie cop and suitably struck out of a mold the filmmakers have witnessed on their beloved Hong Kong street. That mold contains some quite grave stupidity in terms of decision-making which leads to a questionable scene towards the end but no doubt, Jumping Ash remains important today. As a statement and view, even though it probably rightly won't be looked at as an edge of your seat work. Crude isn't bad in this case either and the worse print quality you can find of the film, probably serves of it. Josephine Siao also appears as Callan's wife.

Review by nameless person on Hong Kong Movie Data Base:
Po-Chih Leong's debut film was a trendsetter in Hong Kong cinema. Shot from the shoulder, the fast-moving world of cops, informers, drug dealers and other crooks are evoked in a very lively and realistic way. The action all takes place in carefully selected locations, among them the walled city of Kowloon and Yuen Long. The film looks like a documentary and evokes the kind of excitement usually seen in news programmes. The story focuses on the battle between two gangs and starts in Amsterdam, where one of the gang leaders is murdered. The male protagonists Jia Lun and Chen Huimin provide memorable acting achievements as the just cop and the cold-blooded killer."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Everything is awesome

It's Saturday and I received a bunch of films today from a fellow Filipino friend in the US. Not that any of us are Filipinos mind you but that we're into Filipino films. Not that it has anything to do with these films tho. Haha.
I got the Turkish crime/eurospy flicks CEHENNEMDE STENIK VAR (1970) and AKREPLER (1983), plus a couple of Bollywood westerns whose titles escape me ("Johnny Gun in Bombay" or something) and JAMES BOND 777, and not least the Shaw Bros flick TEMPTRESS OF A THOUSAND FACES. Woo-hoo!! Read a cool review of the latter here. And if all that wasn't enough Danish super horror film director Insane Blake sent me a DVD of his films. I'm definitely looking forward to those.

Friday, April 9, 2010

"No Blood No Surrender" star Palito in hospital

Reynaldo Alfredo Hipolito aka Palito who starred in the obscure Filipino "remake" of RAMBO, NO BLOOD NO SURRENDER, is unfortunately in hospital. If you're into Filipino films but don't read my other blog you might wanna check out this piece of news here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Opstandelsen - new Danish zombie movie

I posted a teaser for the Danish zombie flick OPSTANDELSEN a little while back and now there's a full trailer and an interview with the director of the movie, Casper Haugegaard. Check it out. It's all got English subs (which interestingly enough are pretty good, not something we're used to from professional Danish labels who release DVDs that carry English subs. They usually suck major ass).

The new trailer:

The interview:

The old teaser:

Where does she hide it?

Arr you gotta check this video out. I'm not at all big on magicians' shows but this one is pretty cool (and only runs a couple minuets). And, uh, the magician is an office dressed chick. Well, at the beginning anyway.

The show is from Montréal btw.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brave new worlds

Who wouldda thunk that! I have stuff on YouToobe now. Go here. xD

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yet another lost psychotronic movie!! ... or: DEAD WOMEN RULE MY WORLD

The latter half of the headline is a James Ellroy quotation. But, hey, you knew that didn't you. Well, at least if you know anything about hardboiled crime fiction you probably would have. Anyway, check out this cool clip, it's something you haven't watched before:

Watch CBS News Videos Online
This awesome clip is from Christa Helm's second movie LET'S GO FOR BROKE. The film premiered in 1974. It was directed by Ron Walsh and its cinema run lasted exactly four days! Then it got yanked back to obscurity and that's where it's been ever since. And it's still there. It doesn't even exist on bootleg VHS. This clip is all we've got.

The actress who played the lead was Christa Helm who was also in one other movie, LEGACY OF SATAN, which is familiar to you if you've been with me for a while. I quite like that film. It was directed by Gerard Damiano who also did DEEP THROAT and THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES. LEGACY OF SATAN is Damiano's sole non porn movie.

It's rumoured LEGACY OF SATAN was actually made as a porn flick but the film company cut out all the porn stuff and released it as an "ordinary" horror movie. Well, good for us (not that I don't like porn but just not to slow down a cool horror movie. You kinda lose the horror movie tone if you're kept being interrupted by scenes of rock & roll!). It's a very cool vampire/devil worship horror film. It's like if David Lynch dropped a lot of bad acid and directed a devil cult film while listening to loud avantgarde jazz music, or something. But that's another story another time.

But one part you do need to know about the plot is a scene towards the end of the film. Christa Helm's character is brutally murdered by someone slashing her throat with a big knife. If the story were that miss Helm quit acting and the film was never pulled out of whatever dark and dank cupboard it was hidden in it would have been sufficient enough for creating a myth about this lost psychotronic obscurity. But that's not what happened, Christa Helm didn't withdraw from acting; only three years after being killed with a knife onscreen she was brutally stabbed to death on the street. Her murder was never solved. She's almost like a Black Dahlia of the disco era.

But back to the film; it's both a lost film ... and it's not. Somebody owns a copy, the only known copy, but they're not letting go of it. I almost wish I hadn't watched that little bit there cos now I crave more. You always do. I have no idea if the rest of the movie is as cool but those two to three minutes worth of footage looks just as entertaining as any of the exploitation films from that era that we CAN enjoy today.

Nobody would thrash you for thinking it were a Jack Hill movie! I should write more about this but I'm running on overtime here, been awake for, uh, lemme count... 29 hours. Time to hit the sack. Watch the clip again and write an angry letter to whoever holds the copyrights/owns the print. Demand we get this film on DVD now!

Lost Shaw Bros film on DVD soon!

Virgin of the Seven Seas.

I don't really know much about this release but Spannick posted info on Cinehound about this upcoming German DVD release of this lost Shaw Bros film. The film is a German co-production and will only carry the German audio but according to Spannick's info it'll have English subtitles. There's no release date other than "soon".

The German title is: KARATE, KÜSSE, BLONDE KATZEN and it's coming out from Camera Obscura.

There's more screen grabs here.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ohhh Lydia

This oughtta be on a 45 and put on repeat. xD

Turko Trasho: KIZIL MASKE (Tolga Ziyal, 1968)

He wears a mask when he's beating up bad guys, he wears a raincoat when he's himself, he lives in the jungle, he has a motorbike, he has snappy hand guns, he even has a killer-dog... he is... THE PHANTOM... no, wait... he is... KIZIL MASKE!!!

The film stars Ismet Erten as the hero and Erol Tas - most likely as the bad guy cos, well, Erol Tas was ALWAYS the bad guy in Turkish cinema! xD.

Incidentally, the same year Cetin Inanc also directed a film by the same title!! Talk about confusing film releases!! I reviewed it here.

"Vintage Hardboiled Reads" is back!

Awesome! I mean, like, awesome!!! The Vintage Hardboiled Reads blog is back!! I'm sure you remember I spoke about it a few months back, well, last year that is. And how the blog author one day said "I'll be gone for a couple of weeks" and then never returned. Well, now, a full year later he's returned and has started to write reviews on them ol'e pulp novels once again. And not a single word of explanation, nor a reply to any of the many who posted a "welcome back" in the comments' section. Haha.

Actually, he's been back since January but altho I kept checking regularly last year I kinda gave up on him a while back. Anyhoo, good to see he's back. Arrogant or not. LOL.

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