Monday, August 13, 2012

Salvage (UK, 2010)

I watched the UK (well, Liverpoolian really) horror movie SALVAGE last night. A teen chick is (much against her will) going to spend Xmas with her mum but on arrival finds her mum banging some stranger so off she goes to stay at the neighbours. When her mum tries to get her out from the neighbours' house (by the good ol'e well tested way of yelling and banging on the door) all kinds of stuff happen. And later more stuff. Wild 'n' crazy shit. There's blood and carnage. I'm not gonna tell you what it's really about cos that would be spoiling it for you but it's really good. And you know there's a, well, you know one of those... and it's really creepy and stuff. Awesome movie altho the dialects are a bit thick. I think I'll write to the film company and ask them to have the film dubbed into Aussie or American English. I bought the UK DVD from Amazon, it was a second-hand copy but in perfect condition. It cost me 19 pence!!! xD