Saturday, October 31, 2009

Night Caller 平安夜 (1985)

Why would anybody in their right mind spend 25 dollars on a VCD from Hongkong (notice the old spelling, LOL) when they've already got the film on VHS. Twice!? Uhh, I dunno but I just kinda did. Haha. The film is Phillip Chan's HK film NIGHT CALLER from 1985. It's something as rare as a Chinese Giallo movie! It stars Pat Ha (who's obviously a big hero on this blog as she played one of the coolest hitmen ever in ON THE RUN, and in that movie she certainly has thee coolest hairdo of any hitman!!), Melvin Wong, Phillip Chan and Pauline Wong. And altho it often gets so-so reviews I quite like it (obviously!, haha). My VHS versions are the UK and Dutch releases from Eastern Heroes in Cantonese with English subs and slightly lbx.

Fellow blogs that fly under the radar but that you OUGHT to know about!!! ... "MACISTE AND FRIENDS"

Our good friend in Malmø (yes, the part of Denmark that the Swedish savages stole from us but which we will conquer again some day very soon, as soon as we finish our coffee and pastry) Lars Jacobsson has opened a spiffy new blog about peplum films! Yes, these films about big, muscular, well oiled men from the Roman empire and beyond.
Obviously his blog couldn't be entitled anything but
Maciste and Friends!

Check it out, it's pretty cool and if you're someone from the old Danish collector scene I'm sure you're gonna go: "Is this a pseudonym for Henrik Larsen?", LOL, but no it isn't. And as far as I'm aware Henrik is out of the Pepla fandom and like some King Kull Lars has claimed the throne of the Peplum insanity. xD. Please just don't make me sit thru all those films! Haha.

PS: I'm sure Lars would hate for you to think he himself were a muscular he-man so the pic on top of this post is obviously one of Lars being pissed on the train. xD

PS. PS: And do click the label at the bottom of this post for the other entry to this series; Jared's Worldweird blog!


Most of Godfrey Ho's movies are... well, how shall I put it... they are basically CRAP!! Cut and paste awfulness galore! xD. However, with a few (very few) of his films something obviously went terribly wrong... they actually became totally entertaining! It didn't happen very often and I'm sure Godfrey Ho would apologise to each and every one of us if he were here now, haha.

Here is a trailer for one of these very few films that are said to be over-the-top entertaining; MISSION THUNDERBOLT. But you'll have to take someone else's word for it cos I haven't actually watched the film (very difficult to find by the way, but luckily for me I'm awaiting the arrival of the Greek tape as we speak. Yay!). However, I've just discovered that some very nice gent uploaded a trailer of the film to YouTube just a few days ago. And what a wonder it is; It's NOT a crappy fullscreen trailer from a wobbly video tape but something as rare as a letterboxed trailer from a film print! Awesome.

Please notice: Due to Blogger's shit video window you can't actually see the full letterboxed picture so I recommend you watch the first video on YouTube instead.

I'm also including another trailer (bastard fullscreen and from video tape) which is shorter and differently edited. And you'll notice how awful the pan & scan format looks compared to the letterboxed trailer. Unfortunately, almost ALL the various releases of these Godfrey Ho films are presented in this useless shit format. Anyhoo, enjoy the trailers.