Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Danish ex-rentals galore

Remember to keep checking Hans-Jørgen's awesome Danish ex-rental covers on our Facebook Ex-rental group DEVAG's page. Go here.

[Click covers for bigger size]

Hong Kong Godfather finally here. Almost.

The violent triad HK movie HONG KONG GODFATHER is fanally being released on DVD (April 27th). Yay! Spiffy!! Ian F. has done an incisive rundown of the new disc here (including comparisons with the old Pan Media bootleg as to what was cut from that disc). And read my old post about the film here.

PS: the YouTube clips are from the old bootleg or an old video tape.

"No Blood No Surrender" star Palito passes away

Unfortunate news on the star from the Filipino RAMBO remake on my Filipino blog.