Friday, June 4, 2010

Fred's AD-MATS are in da house

I received my ad-mat set (on 2 dvd-r's) from Fred Adelman today. Very cool! If you want a set you might wanna get one quickly. Apparently, Fred's closing the offer and has only ten copies left. I got that piece of info from the old cool fanzine Temple of Schlock (which used to be a print zine but is now a blog). Go here.

[click scans twice for full size]

Ahh, los Mexican lobbycards are muy awesome!!!

I went crazy last night. No, I didn't shoot guns in the air and spew profanities at old women in the street, or even spray "Ozzy smells" on a wall but... I lost it and bought a whole pile of cool Mexican lobbycards!

It's been a while since I've bought any so I actually had to check a couple if I already had them or not (and even so I still ended up with ONE lobby that I already have. DUH!!).

I should point out in case you've never bought any Mexican lobbycards that they're not like American or European lobbycards, i.e. like big photographs but what I'd describe as small posters. Their size is approx 12 x 16 inches (31 x 41 centimetres) and most of them (though not all) are printed on heavy cardboard material. They're also original ones; As far as I know there are no re-prints of these as (I would assume) no one uses that kind of almost pulp'ish cardboard material for posters/lobbycards anymore. Now, stare in awe!


L'OSSESSA (Italy, 1974). This THE EXORCIST rip-off is also known in English as THE TORMENTED / THE SEXORCIST / THE OBSESSED, and under the truly AWFUL American dvd title: THE EERIE MIDNIGHT HORROR SHOW.

THE HOUSE OF EXORCISM (i.e. the edited "Exorcist" edit of Mario Bava's Lisa and the Devil)

HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS (Al Adamson's film which he made up from using an old [and seemingly now lost] Filipino horror movie. I'd looove to see the original film!).

THE FLY (i.e. the original 1958 version)

DR. JEKYLL VS THE WOLFMAN (on DVD from Mondo Macabro)