Saturday, September 3, 2011

There's only one defender of the law that counts... and his name is ARBITRARY JUSTICE!

"The Reason is bigger than you!"

I discovered the Italian superhero GIUSTIZIA ARBITRARIA ("Arbitrary Justice" in English) completely by chance when surfing thru unknown blog land some months back. As far as I know the comic is the work of the blog author and the series isn't published outside that particular blog - which is a complete shame as ARBITRARY JUSTICE is AWESOME! The series is very funny and of course completely anarchistic; Arbitrary Justice upholds the law against you!! Hahaha. I've translated one of the stories and you can check more here (but they're only in Italian). Click on the scan twice to see it in full size.

Title: "Arbitrary Justice against self-esteem"
Text under headline: "Based on a true story"

Frame 1: From now on enough with the bullshit... We put everything back in line!

Frame 2: Say it! Say that you're a piece of shit!!!

Frame 3: I'm... I'm a piece of shit!

Frame 5: Then you die!!!

Frame 6: I hate shit...

Thanks to Francesco Maria Zaghini for a couple of corrections in regards to the translation.