Friday, March 1, 2013

VINEGAR SYNDROME to issue director's cut of mysterious CIRIO H. SANTIAGO film!

The info I have on this is more insufficient than insufficient but... it's just been posted on AVManiacs film forum that the new video label VINEGAR SYNDROME will be releasing *a* CIRIO H. SANTIAGO film and the version they have is a long director's cut version.

No hint at which film it is. Could this be the unrated version of NAKED VENGEANCE???

This is the exact text from AVManiacs:
VINEGAR SYNDROME's Drive-In Collection!

Was wondering when Jack J would make the scene ;-)

Feast your eyes on this...

"We have a few [Cirio films], including an ultra, ultra long version of one of his less seen epics [. . .] we'll be issuing it in its original director's cut and under its original title!"

New cool stuff from CODE RED

Check this rad shit out!! The new release from CODE RED is here and it's a cool Spanish horror double bill; THE VAMPIRES NIGHT ORGY and DR. JEKYLL VS. THE WEREWOLF both by Leon Klimovsky. And if that wasn't enough... I'm told that they are the UNCLOTHED versions!!! The versions that came out from the folks at Mondo Macabro a few years back were the clothed versions!! This is great news. JEKYLL is taken from a 16mm print and carries the English dub (if I remember correctly the MM dvd is in Spanish with subs) and NIGHT ORGY is from a 35mm print (I don't know what the old dvd is as I only have an old vhs). The dvd is up for grabs at the Code Red store now.

Trailer for ORGY (I couldn't find one for JEKYLL):