Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Abandoned - trailer

I watched the American horror movie THE ABANDONED quite a few years ago; It was around 2007 and I had the pleasure of watching it on eXtase editor (and Doomed Denmark promoter) Nils Markvardsen's big projector screen during a video night at his abode in Copenhagen. The film is really good. I haven't re-watched it since that initial screening so I'm definitely looking forward to it (which makes it a good thing I received it on DVD today, LOL). It was part of the first season of "8 Films to die for".

Noice, mate. Cheers!

Karl Brezdin of "Fist of B-list" blog posted this description of my other blog When the Vietnam War Raged... in the Philippines a few days ago:

When the Vietnam War raged... in the Philippines - One of the most unique editorial concepts you’re likely to find in the wide world of genre film blogging, executed to absolute perfection. Fantastic reading.

Needless to say it warms me ol'e cynical heart when other bloggers write stuff like that. Thanks so much, Karl, you're the best!! xD xD xD