Saturday, January 21, 2023

Stephen king's World of Horror (UK VHS)

Dinner and an old dusty video tape that I've owned for years and years but never actually watched: Stephen King's World of Horror.
This is a UK vhs and it clocks in at just over 80 minutes. Apparently this was released as a two parter in the US (and user reviews on IMDb talk about a version running 270 minutes!!!). Some of the contents was later used for a video series called This is horror.
The tape was alright. If you're a King aficionado you'll probably be disappointed as there's not all that much of him in the documentary. Maybe 15-20 minutes or so taken from two different interviews. The rest is clips from films, interviews with FX people, and behind the scenes clips. I quite liked the tape, though, as it's almost a peek into the American horror/splatter movie world of the 80s. I miss that period in horror.

I don't think SK's World of Horror has been released on dvd, but at least some nice gent has been so kind as to upload it to YouTube. And now it's also embedded in this post, weeeee! (you can also find links to the three "This is Horror" tapes in the info section under the video on YouTube).

Full video off a UK vhs tape: