Monday, March 25, 2013

Aenigma! #1

I kinda had to check with the reality people if I was still in 2013 or if I had somehow got thrown back to the early 1990s when I received this yesterday!!! Occasionally there's still being published new fanzines "kinda like" the old ones... but they're NOT quite like the old ones. They're written on computers and they're printed properly and they have pictures in perfect quality and they're in colour. Nigel Maskell's new gore flick zine AENIGMA! is written on a typewriter, the reviews are cut out with a pair of scissors and are glued into the pages the old-skool way!! Most of the pictures are covered up and you can't see what they hell they are. This is awesome!! Hell, for a moment there I thought he had copied my own 20 year old zine BANNED IN BRITAIN but, nope, all his own!! (Nigel DID tell me he's read the old BIB's and got inspired which is awesome. Imagine being able to inspire someone 20 yrs after you've done whatever you did). AND THE PRICE IS OLD-SKOOL TOO. £2!! Issue #2 is already in the works and even covers our great national pride, Bodil Joensen. Good on ya, Nigel!

You can order the mag via AENIGMA!'s facebook page. The price is £2 + postage (to Euroland it's 4 quid in total).