Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Deadly Angels Strike Back (Indonesia, 1981)

aka Fire of Vengeance / Tödliche Engel / Tödliche Engel Schlagen Zurück

EDIT: Due to a screw up at the German film data base OFDB this German VHS turned out NOT to be DEADLY ANGELS STRIKE BACK but an entirely different Indonesian film called FIRE OF VENGEANCE!!! (same director though, and same plot too, haha, but different film!!!)

Finally!!! I've been looking for this for a long time: the German VHS release of DEADLY ANGELS STRIKE BACK - the sequel to 5 DEADLY ANGELS. I already have the film on VCD from Malaysia but it's only in Indonesian. I never thought the film had been released outside of Indonesia and Malaysia so I was quite surprised when a fellow collector of Indo flicks posted a scan of this German VHS release (I've later learnt there's a French VHS as well - but no English dubbed release). Needless to say it's dubbed in German but I understand that a lot better than Indonesian! And according to the German film data base OFDB the tape is lbx whereas the VCD is awful pan & scan.

And in further, related news...

I recently won this very-very-very rare US/Puerto Rican VHS release of 5 DEADLY ANGELS (incidentally the release I DIDN'T get in post #368!!). I already have the Dutch VHS but the chance of getting the only other English dubbed release was too good to pass by.

I haven't watched the tape yet but I knew the German tape is missing one scene, a "main female character cheers up a friend by singing a happy song on the beach" scene so I checked the new tape for that scene right away. And quite surprisingly it's also missing from the American tape!! I always figured it was just the Germans who didn't find this amusing. The Dutch tape is uncut.

And one more thing, the NTSC tape is recorded in the lousy EP speed. I never understood why the bloody hell American video labels used this crappy speed at all. Neither LP nor EP was ever used for factory recorded tapes in Europe. Anyway, it's cool to have the tape but it'll be the ol'e Dutch vhs I'll be watching when I pull out the film again from time to time. LOL.