Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Bollywood star if ever there was one

"A very rare VCD"! That's what Member-X of Cinehound said when he posted this Bollywood video-cd cover scan. PFFFT!!!

Congrats. I guess. :/

These two awesome and very rare tapes, the Indonesian Barry Prima film REVENGE OF NINJA, and the dark and nasty Hong Kong horror movie BRUTAL SORCERY, were just sold on eBay. And I was too broke to make bids of any significance. Boo-hoo.

Well, congrats to whoever won them. I guess. You guys really ought to send them to me for free. They'd look much better on MY shelf. xD

I already have REVENGE OF NINJA but it's a fullscreen tape from Greece. This tape is a letterboxed VHS from Japan. And I've got a DVD-R of the HK VCD of BRUTAL but it's only in Mandarin without any subs. This tape is the Ocean Shores release which is dubbed in English.