Thursday, May 29, 2014

FRIGHT NIGHT 2: NEW BLOOD (2013, USA) dir: Eduardo Rodriguez

I watched the new FRIGHT NIGHT 2: NEW BLOOD last week. It's a sequel to the 2011 remake of FRIGHT NIGHT from 1985 but it's not a remake of the original sequel from 1988. Confused? ("You won't be after this episode of... 'Soap'", haha). I haven't watched the remake nor the original sequel. I miigh have watched the original film back in the day - but I don't actually remember anything from it! However, according to online sources the new sequel isn't a remake of the original sequel, it's a remake of the remake of the original film (!!!) o_O

Anyhoo, I thought the film was fun while I watched it. To the vampire film purist there's heaps to criticise; Garlic doesn't work on vampires but holy water does. And although vampires are usually fairly strong compared to humans this female vampire is almost a full-on Superman and can stop a speeding car by letting it ram into her. But, hey, this is not the kind of film for the ardent vampire mythology cult member. This is a horror-comedy after all (but still, I'm too much of a purist to not be annoyed by shit like that, pmsl).

As I said, the film is fun for the one viewing but now a week later I really don't have much recollection of the film nor the plot. It didn't leave much of an impression. I bought the DVD second hand from Blockbuster's. If you've got time on your hands (and could be arsed) there's a commentary track on the disc by the director and a couple of the producers.

THE CONJURING (2013, USA) dir: James Wan

I watched THE CONJURING the other night. It's yet another horror movie about demon possession but since I rarely watch new stuff when it comes out I still haven't become bored with the demon/devil possession flicks; I think this is only the second of the new wave of possession films I've actually watched. LOL. And besides, I think this film is really good. It's well played and it's based on a real story (which always adds tension to these films, something that goes back all the way to THE EXORCIST).

When the film ran in Danish cinemas it was retitled "Nattens Dæmoner" (i.e. Demons of the Night) which may be a generic title but I wish more distributors would use Danish titles. 99% of the Danes wouldn't know what conjuring means. Needless to say, the dvd label reverted the title back to English when they put out the DVD. :/

Since everyone else and his ugly cousin in the blog world has pissed off to God knows where...

...I might as well start blogging again. Always go against the stream.

I watched the new horror movie THE CONJURING last night ("new" on this here blog anyway cos most of the shit I watch is arse old) and it was a blast! Loved it! Here's a totally cool track that was played in the middle of the film. I didn't think it fitted the film, actually I felt it totally ruined the stimmung but the track on its own is wonderful! The song is called "In the Room Where You Sleep" and it's by a band called Dead Man's Bones - and get this, the singer is Ryan Gosling. o_O
Not fucking kidding!! 

From the band's own YouTube channel:




 PS: no, I'm not being literal but it's a good headline. :P