Saturday, April 10, 2010

Everything is awesome

It's Saturday and I received a bunch of films today from a fellow Filipino friend in the US. Not that any of us are Filipinos mind you but that we're into Filipino films. Not that it has anything to do with these films tho. Haha.
I got the Turkish crime/eurospy flicks CEHENNEMDE STENIK VAR (1970) and AKREPLER (1983), plus a couple of Bollywood westerns whose titles escape me ("Johnny Gun in Bombay" or something) and JAMES BOND 777, and not least the Shaw Bros flick TEMPTRESS OF A THOUSAND FACES. Woo-hoo!! Read a cool review of the latter here. And if all that wasn't enough Danish super horror film director Insane Blake sent me a DVD of his films. I'm definitely looking forward to those.