Friday, February 25, 2011

Loos of the World, episode 67

Helena Mikas (aka Miss Vixen) is a slightly eccentric (in a good way) British woman who lives in Berlin. I've never met Miss Vixen and she doesn't watch psychotronic cinema (and I'm not quite sure where the "Miss Vixen" comes from, I don't think it's to do with what you might think) but her blog is fun (altho rather neglected these days). Here's a video from her visit to the loo (it's not what you might think).

More awesome Danish ex-rentals!

This week I bought a pile of ex-rental (and a few sell-thru) tapes from a collector on forum. They're of course all cool tapes but these three are by far the ones I'm most happy about. I might even say overly stricken by joy! xD xD xD

The top tape is one of my favourite blaxploitation flicks, J.D's REVENGE about this black gangster dude who comes back from the dead to seek revenge. I already have a fine DVD release but I much neeeeded this über rare tape when I saw it was up for grabs!!

- and this tape is also an old blaxploitaion classic, Fred Williamson's HELL UP IN HARLEM! I already have the film on a video tape from Holland but... do I need to repeat myself (LMAO)... this is overly, überly, flabbergastically, rare and I had to have it! Simply haaad to.

- the last one is without a doubt thee most rare of thees taespe... mouth... won't wrok... aarghhh... this tape is so rare it's like finding an ice cold can of 7UP in the dessert!!! Not only is this release mega rare on it's own but this is a Video2000 release!!! I'm 300% convinced this is the only copy left in this world!!! Arrrgh.

Oh, did I forget to mention which film it is, haha. It's Bobby A. Suarez' DEVIL'S THREE starring Marrie Lee. It's a kind of sequel to THEY CALL HER CLEOPATRA WONG.

Many thanks to Maratonman for this awesome trade!!!