Saturday, April 7, 2012

The last remaining stock of ONAR dvd's is now up for sale

Two of BILL BAROUNIS' friends in Turkey, film director Kunt Tulgar and film journalist Ali Murat Guven, are now working with Bill's widow Julia to make the last of the ONAR FILMS stock available!

Yesterday, they posted a list of ONAR DVD's that are available on the semi official ONAR Facebook page. Some are in great numbers and some are almost sold out. CELLAT (aka Turkish Deathwish) is almost gone (5 copies yesterday). I've got all of Bill's releases but I intend to grab a few anyway as a way to pay my respect one last time.

All the money goes to Bill's widow and their young daughter.

The list is here with info on prices and ordering. If you're not on FB you can also see the list here - but it's not yet translated into English.