Friday, August 12, 2011

Crazy Desires of a Murderer - rare giallo

Directed by Filippo Walter Ratti (Italy, 1972)

I first read about CRAZY DESIRES OF A MURDERER on Johan Melle's excellent blog EURO FEVER quite a whle back, and when I recently stumbled over his review again I looked up the film on Amazon UK and was very surprised to see it listed there! The thing is the movie has never been released on DVD. It hasn't even been released in other VHS versions! This one UK video release (from Redemption) is the ONLY release there is! So to me it was weird to find it just sitting there on Amazon. Altho I'm by no means an expert on giallo films it is my impression that the genre has lots and lots of rapid fans. It's rumoured that Redemption only sold a mere 150 copies of the tape so why it was so easy (and cheap!) to get I really don't know. The tape is cut by 5 seconds but considering it's the only way of getting to watch the film I can certainly survive that! Fortunately, the tape is both in letterbox format and has English subtitles. Check out Johan's review on Euro Fever and also the cool review on GIALLO FEVER.