Thursday, December 23, 2010

A snowy film on a snowy night

"Make yourself familiar with the classics" [Henrik Larsen in an old issue of "Obskuriøst"]

- I agree. But even so I don't always live by it. Yes, shock! horror!! I mean I've watched horror movies for a long time but often it's the weird, the obscure, the unknown, the forgotten movies I've seeked out. I'll tell you the lowdown on DR SATAN VERSUS BLACK MAGIC but I still haven't seen THE OMEN 2-4. I know THE RAPE AFTER by heart but until last night I'd never watched John Carpenter's THE THING!! (more shock horror!). I read about it in an old issue of "Inferno" zine in the early 90s but I still didn't bother to watch it till last night! Well, needless to say that was a mistake, LOL. It's "pretty good" but 6 trillion reviewers have already said that in 6 trillion reviews so I don't need to explain that even further. Now I just need to watch the original version. :D