Sunday, May 4, 2014

BAD LIEUTENANT - Werner Herzog kraziness

I watched Werner Herzog's 2009 remake of Abel Ferrera's BAD LIEUTENANT from 1992 last night. The full title of the remake is THE BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL - NEW ORLEANS (but often just listed as Bad Lieutenant).

When I originally heard about how Herzog was going to remake Ferrera's masterpiece, and that Nicolas Cage had been chosen to redo Harvey Keitel's superb performance, I basically thought Hollywood had finally gone completely bonkers. I mean what the fuck, right? And for the very same reason I've kept off watching the bloody movie for years on end. Until last night that is.

The reason for my finally giving the movie a chance came after having read a review from a reviewer whose film opinion I hold in the highest regard. The review calls Nicolas Cage's performance the best since LEAVING LAS VEGAS. I don't usually watch Cage's films so I wouldn't know about that but suffice to say that Herzog's remake is bloody marvellous! I liked it a lot. Not one boring or slow moment. I already wanna watch it again.

It's been quite a few years since I watched the original film - and I've only watched it that one time - so I'm not even able to compare the two films. Incidentally, I rebought the original film the other day when I found a spiffy steelbook edition of it at the local Blockbuster's (yes, we still have those here!).

It was a deliberate choice on my part to watch the remake before I rewatch the original. I wanted to give it a chance on its own without having vivid images of the Abel Ferrera movie playing simultaneously in the back of my mind. The remake clocks in at the two hour mark almost but like I said it never overstays its welcome. Highly recommended!

I watched the Danish DVD which includes a long Werner Herzog interview and the trailer.