Monday, September 30, 2019

CORMAN'S WORLD - Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011, USA) Alex Stapleton

I've just rewatched Alex Stapleton's documentary about Roger Corman, CORMAN'S WORLD - Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel. I haven't watched it for a long time and I'd forgotten just how good it is. Here's a link to a quite good interview with director Stapleton. As I said, it's good although she (and the interviewer!) makes the mistake of stating that her film is the first time there's been made a doc on Corman. Not so. Not so at all. Already back in 1978 Christian Blackwood made ROGER CORMAN - HOLLYWOOD'S WILD ANGEL. It has never made it to DVD but it's certainly out on VHS. I've got a copy and it's a good documentary film. You should check it out (unfortunately, the only copy on Amazon right now is 75 dollars!).

Blackwood passed away a long time ago (sadly, he was only 50) but his brother has a online film archive of sorts (I've just found it and thus haven't really checked it out) and you can buy a download copy there (go here). Unfortunately, it seems their player stretches the film to widescreen which is the wrong aspect ratio. It's supposed to be 4:3 fullscreen (but needless to say you can change that once it's downloaded).

It seems Alex Stapleton has fallen off the film map after making CORMAN'S WORLD. Not that she's lost, mind you, but apparently she makes docs about the NBA and stuff now. I wonder why she didn't stay with psychotronic films. Oh well. At least she made CORMAN'S WORLD and it's a bloody good film. It comes highly recommended of this reviewer.

PS: Get the UK or US blu-ray and avoid the UK DVD unless you love barebone.


Interview with Julie & Roger Corman and Alex Stapleton about making the documentary film: